What to invest in Argentina

In the menu of options investors have different instruments, banking, financial, commodities, or material investment, such as the purchase of real estate or even goods. On Ambit We decided to put together a guide of the current alternatives that includes:

  • Invest in pesos.
  • Fixed deadlines.
  • Dollar purchase.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • Actions.
  • Cedears.
  • Bonds.
  • Commodities.
  • Oro.
  • Real estate.

Invest in pesos

Investing in pesos is the great challenge for Argentines: for this it is important to take into account certain parameters in order to safeguard our savings.

In what to invest the pesos so that they do not devalue.

Fixed term

One of the more traditional options is fixed terms. It is a savings through a bank account that grants interest. Generally, the longer the term, the higher the rate the bank is willing to pay.

The shortest period for which the money must remain in the account is 30 days, but the interest rates are higher in terms of more than 60, 90, 180 and 360 days. The rate obtained depends on each bank.

It should be noted that currently you can open a fixed term in any bank, without having to be a customer of it.

How to open a fixed term in a bank


Buying dollars for savings is one of the favorites of Argentines. Currently there are restrictions with a monthly cap of US $ 200, and taxes and withholdings are applied to the operation, which are made on the official price, which makes the amount finally invested higher when the operation is completed.

Without regulations you can buy the so-called “blue dollar”, although it should be noted that this is a black market for foreign exchange, since it is an operation that is carried out informally outside the legal circuit.

Who can buy dollars

Financial dollars

Within the legal circuit, other operations with currencies are those that involve financial dollars, such as Cash with Settlement (CCL) and the Stock Market or MEP.

What is the Cash Dollar with Settlement

What is the Stock Market Dollar or the MEP Dollar


Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are an alternative to traditional financial assets, and the stars of 2021.

There are several ways to buy in Argentina, but if you thought it was a way to evade control, we recommend that you look elsewhere. Also, the price of each dollar in bitcoin (bitcoin dollar) is similar to the free market price.

Beyond the attractive performance that cryptocurrencies are providing, it should be noted that the operation is carried out in dollars and the price is very volatile, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

How to buy bitcoins

Buy shares

In order to buy or sell shares or other securities in the capital market, it is necessary to go to a negotiation and / or settlement agent, registered with the National Securities Commission (CNV), who will act as an intermediary.

Investors must first open a client account with an agent and from there they can start sending buy and sell orders. Traders execute their clients’ orders in one of the systems enabled for trading.

Winning or losing in the Stock Market depends a lot on the good reading of the fluctuations in the market, the attention on the news of the companies and the economy, but also on unforeseen issues that affect the sector for which it was chosen to buy shares.

How to invest in the Stock Market


The Cedear (Argentine Certificates of Deposit) are papers that follow quotes of foreign companies in global markets and that are subscribed in pesos but follow the fluctuations of the Cash Cash with Settlement (CCL). The costs are the same as for trading stocks in the local market and you do not need an account abroad.

What are they and how to invest in Cedears

Buying bonds

Bonds are promises of payment converted to government securities. We could say that they are loans where there is an issuer and a receiver. The issuer of the bond can be a country or a company. And they are considered a fixed income instrument where the issuer of the bond commits to:

  • Return the capital you received through the bond on a certain date
  • The periodic payment of interest until the maturity of the bond
  • The fulfillment of any obligation specified in the bond.

How do the bonuses work?

When you buy a bond, you deliver an amount of money (the capital of the operation) to the issuing entity of the bond, which undertakes to return the capital at the end of the established term together with a percentage of interest (the benefit that you will obtain from this operation).

In the case of companies, when they use this instrument to obtain capital, they issue that debt through bonds so that they can be purchased by the general public.

Investments in Bonds are fixed income investments. Which means that when you make your investment, you know what the interest rate it will earn will be. Although the price of some bonds may fluctuate throughout their life, if you wait for the end of the agreed term, you should receive the principal plus the agreed interest. That is why this type of investment represents a lower risk and therefore lower returns are obtained.

They are recommended investments for short or medium term objectives, where you do not want to run a high risk, which could represent significant losses for your money, since as you will need it in the short term if that happens you will not be able to plan another strategy to get your money back.

Investments in commodities

The market has alternatives so that everyone can take advantage of agricultural movements and make a difference. With the rise in prices of raw materials, options arose to invest in soybeans without having a field.

Any saver could invest in soybeans, corn, wheat, or any other product they want with the appropriate advice and through the Argentine market.

The most direct way to invest and benefit from the rise or fall of soybeans or corn is to buy or sell futures contracts for those products.

Another indirect way to invest in agricultural commodities is to buy shares or cedears and become a partner of companies in the sector.

Invest in soy

Buying gold

Gold generally performs well during corrections because even if it doesn’t necessarily rise, one asset that remains static while others decline is quite useful as a hedge.

The investment can be made through the purchase of physical gold, in securities in future markets, or with shares of mining companies through Cedears.

How to invest in gold

Investments in real estate

Real estate investment is also a classic for those who seek to save on bricks and preserve their money in the long term. This is buying a property, the value of which tends to rise over time, while also, if they so wish, putting it up for rent to obtain an income.

Even in Argentina you can not only invest in dollars or pesos in real estate, but you can also invest in cryptocurrencies.

But there is also real estate crowdfunding, a mechanism through which an amount much less than the real value of a property can be invested, thus acquiring a part, and obtaining an income in dollars that can reach up to 35% per year.


An NFT is a digital asset stored in blockchain technology (the same that is used for cryptocurrencies) that cannot be easily exchanged since it is associated with a certificate of authenticity. That is why it is considered a “non-fungible token”.

Artistic products, such as drawings or musical pieces, have been the most used assets in this market.

How to trade with NFT

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