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In Belarus, at a toy factory in the city of Kobrin, a children’s doll with artificial intelligence was released. Made of silicone and latex, a girl with red hair can talk to a child, dance and even tell a fairy tale. We asked our readers: what toys did you have?

Vladimir Zhilnin, pensioner, Yekaterinburg:

– I’m since 1938. The war was, what kind of toys? He played with what was left of his older brother. There was a lorry, I remember, and a domino for children. And also evacuated Leningraders lived with us, their father worked at the Stalin plant, and so he made a casting from metal – an airplane, he played with it. That’s all there was!

Vladimir Stakheev, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Gomel:

– I remember how my father either bartered or scoffed a small wooden dog. Joy knew no bounds! Painted with brown paint, easy to fit in the palm of your hand, it became a real value for me, a first grader. He proudly showed it to friends, and then kept it for many years until he lost it when he moved to a new apartment. I advise young people not to throw away their toys: they give memories.

Svetlana Gurinovich, inspector, Lelchitsy:

– I got my favorite childhood toy from my dad, who often went on business trips around the Soviet Union. Once he brought a rocking horse, and this is one of the most dear things to his heart. I still remember how I quarreled with my younger sister for the opportunity to ride first. Another favorite is the Paradise doll. She sewed outfits for her, did her hair to the envy of her friends and did not give it to anyone, she was afraid that they would get dirty.

Anatoly Gareev, Automotive Operations Engineer, Krasnoyarsk:

– My father is a chauffeur, from the age of five he took me with him to the garage, so all my life I have been playing with cars. As a child, I had my favorite plastic truck – my uncle served in the army in the GDR, brought it to me. And also, like many boys in the 1980s, there were cars for yard fun – broken, broken. And there were “models” that were at home in a sideboard behind the glass, and I was allowed to play with them only on major holidays. Many of them have survived to this day.

Veronica Rat, molecular biologist, Minsk:

– I am from the generation of the 1990s. Then Tetris and Tamagotchi were popular, but personally I liked putting the constructor in kindergarten more. It turned out to be uncomplicated forms, but for us they were fairy-tale castles, where characters from cartoons and books lived. I also played with cars, robots, dolls and soft toys with interest. Neighbors and relatives gave a significant part of them to their parents, bought something themselves, and after a while I passed it on to my grown-up cousins ​​and sisters.

Fedor Ivaschenko, farmer, Ryazhenoye village, Rostov region:

– During my childhood, which fell at the end of the 70s – the beginning of the 80s, the game “Behind the Wheel” was considered the most popular. Although it cost quite a lot by the standards of the USSR – more than ten rubles, this toy was in great deficit. We played in turns and until the famous “373” batteries run out.

Tatiana Borisenko, pensioner, Khabarovsk:

– As a child, I played mainly with dolls. Katya is made of celluloid, covered in wounds, and her mother constantly had to “heal” her. There were dolls with a head made of pressed sawdust with rag bodies, soft legs-handles. And once they gave me a huge, heavy doll, but it was immediately smashed by the boys in the yard. The feeling of grief is still there. Children’s memory is a strange thing …

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