What will happen to the prices for red caviar in January-February

According to the All-Russian Association of Fisheries (VARPE), traders do not plan to raise prices in January-February, the president of the association German Zverev told RG.

Active sales have actually stopped and will resume only closer to the holidays – Maslenitsa, February 23 and March 8. Even then, a sharp jump in prices is unlikely, since the price is limited by demand and the real purchasing power of Russians.

“For the same reason, according to our estimates, the growth in delivery is more likely to have an impact on the profitability of the wholesale and retail segment than on the rise in retail prices,” the expert added.

According to him, the cost of delivery of fish products by rail has grown significantly and remains at a high level. The tariff for railway transportation Vladivostok-Moscow is now fixed at the level of 27 rubles per kg. This is more than twice the tariff for the same period last year (January 13, 2021 – 12-13 rubles per kg.). And wholesale prices for pink salmon caviar in the Central Federal District are in the range of 4200-4500 rubles per kg, which is almost 10% more than in January 2021.

According to German Zverev, growing food inflation in the world has a great influence on Russian prices for caviar. In addition, there is now a high demand for caviar from Asian countries. In 2021, stocks in the main caviar market in the world – in Japan – sank, so in 2021 supplies of red caviar there increased.

“All these factors cause instability in the wholesale and retail segment, which affects prices,” the expert concluded.

Moreover, there is no shortage of red caviar in Russia. In 2021, Russian fishermen harvested 540 thousand tons of Pacific salmon, which is about 25 thousand caviar. with a capacity of the Russian market of 14-18 thousand tons.

Rosrybolovstvo partly shares this point of view, adding that one of reasons rise in price of caviar – unjustified overstatement of the cost of the product by intermediaries.

Earlier, Vedomosti reported that the suppliers of red caviar sent applications to retail players to raise prices for their products from 7 to 30%, depending on the type of product, packaging, etc. The reason is the lack of caviar in the market and the rise in the cost of logistics services. Back in October last year, it became known that the price of red caviar rose to a historical maximum, breaking the mark of 5 thousand rubles per kg.

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