Santiago Simón, Julián Álvarez and Enzo Fernández, youngsters from the millionaire hotbed, essential in the local title

Argentine football is a true miracle. Disorganized, untidy, with 28 teams, until yesterday without relegation, I don’t know for sure when the next tournament starts and how to play. The economy does not help him: faced with an incipient offer, young people sticking their heads out seek a better future. It feeds on old leaders –Sand, Torrico, Pulga Rodríguez, Licha López, Bergessio, Boselli and even the Silva Tank return – and settles with promises that should speed up the times of its consolidation. There is no other choice: emergencies of all kinds govern us.

Santiago Simón, Julián Álvarez and Enzo Fernández, youngsters from the millionaire hotbed, essential in the local title@RiverPlate

The miracle is based on the fact that our environment is fertile soil. Beyond Maradona and Messi: every day there are stories of kids that can be a new gold mine. The figure of our football is Julian Alvarez, stellar in the successful championship, has already played two Copa Libertadores finals, but it is the flip side of what is happening today: he has been training with the River squad for three seasons. Now, jewelry hypotheses, the shin guards are accommodated and They must already go out on the field, in search of solutions. The exodus of talent is brutal. And the arrival of classy boys, an immediate response. Almost all the teams in our environment have hidden figures, which from one day to the next show their heads.

Banfield vs Boca
Banfield vs BocaLA NACION / Mauro Alfieri

Boca and River gave an irrefutable sample of this situation. The xeneize team, when they had to act with youth due to the protocols of the pandemic -after the elimination against Atlético Mineiro for the Copa Libertadores- and the millionaire team, when they suffered unstoppable bleeding from injuries and even in a cup match, against Independiente Santa Faith, for Covid cases.

Exequiel Zeballos and Luis Vázquez, two crack pigeons from the inferior xeneizes
Exequiel Zeballos and Luis Vázquez, two crack pigeons from the inferior xeneizesMouth Press

The payroll is staggeringly high: Agustín Sandez (20 years old), Cristian Medina (19), Aaron Molinas (21), Alan Varela (20), Valentin Barco (17), Exequiel Zeballos (19) and Luis Vazquez (20), among others, on the Bombonera side. Enzo Fernandez (20), Felipe Pena (20), Santiago Simon (19), Benjamín Rollheiser (21) and two loans to promote: Tomás Lecanda (19, to Barracas Central) and Tomás Galván (21, to Defense and Justice), among others, for the Monumental sector.

The thought of Marcelo gallardo it is clear: the campus already has 50 percent emerged from the minor divisions. “Maturity processes are getting slower. In a club with a lot of exposure, the times are not the same as in other places, mistakes mark you much more than in other clubs with less resonance. They have to understand that, and when they are better prepared, and the team shelters and protects them, my job is to not get overwhelmed and to manage those possibilities so that, if you make a mistake, don’t get frustrated. The team gives them protection.”, warns.

The thought of Sebastián Battaglia It is clear: his promotion to first class has to do precisely with his wisdom in handling the emotional ups and downs of youth. “We want them to be able to have a regularity. There are guys who are on campus that we’ve already had and they know our idea. We want the boys to have the long-awaited regularity and not so many ups and downs. It is necessary to transmit tranquility and confidence not only to those who enter, but to those who are inside the campus. We want everyone to feel important because at some point you need everyone”, he warns.

Alan Velasco, the last out of series of Independiente
Alan Velasco, the last out of series of IndependienteOfficial Independent

Beyond Boca and River, there is a world. In fact, the other giants exhibited in 2021 some stars of the future, who like all young people, suffer from ups and downs. Alan Velasco (19) in Independent; Nicolás Fernández Mercau (21), in San Lorenzo, and Carlos Alcaraz (19), in Racing, to name just one of each powerful. The list, logically, is capricious: there are dozens of talents who do the warm-up.

The same happens in other entities, authentic unknowns in our environment that, surely, will have a privileged place in the next contest. This is a partial list of the jewels that may explode soon. To be attentive, to pay for a ticket or, in difficult times, to pay the fee for the football pack.

Federico Paradela, a jewel of Sarmiento
Federico Paradela, a jewel of SarmientoInstagram @fedeeparadela

He is the cousin of José Paradela, River midfielder. “I would like Gallardo to direct me”, he dreams. He was born in Quiroga, a town in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, he played in the lower divisions at Club Atlético Quiroga and since he was 13 years old he has played in Junín. It was born as a hitch; It also performs as an interior.

In the small entity of Quiroga he started to play as “a modern link”; The same thing happened in Sarmiento, but curiously, the reserve team that became champion against Boca -and in which he scored an Olympic goal in the decisive match- did not play with a hitch. So, his early times were like a kind of internal midfielder and in recent weeks, he ended up as a left winger, although somewhat further back.

He looks like Nacho Fernández, like his cousin. But its function is bolder. He is cheeky, daring both on the court and in his life. And he even has selection dreams.

He trained at Atlético Pilar and arrived in Santa Fe in 2014. His first goal was in the Copa Argentina, against Sol de Mayo. He also converted him to Independiente. He likes to reach the area by surprise, the goal is a virtue. He performed for 10 minutes at the Monumental, against River and was summoned for a Sub 18 team. “I stand out for my physique; but when you have to play, I play”, he assures.

Six months ago, he received a compliment. “The commune and the town of Pilar greet and congratulate Santiago Pierotti and his entire family for this great achievement for the Sabalero people,” said the plaque he received from the Pilar commune, after the Sabalero Olympic lap. A local pride.

They call him Chinese. He was a midfielder, now he moves as a winger. It is a true multifunctional. He is tall (1.89m), willing to run reminiscent of Jonás Gutiérrez.

Kevin Lomónaco celebrates Platense's second goal against Unión, in Santa Fe;  already returned to Lanus
Kevin Lomónaco celebrates Platense’s second goal against Unión, in Santa Fe; already returned to LanusPlatense Press

He was born on January 8, 2002 in La Plata; he acted in Platense on loan. He stands out for his technique and defensive aggressiveness. He is right, although he also usually uses his left leg. His alternative position is right back. He is tall (1.92m), very tough at heights and in hand-to-hand.

He had a contract with Calamar, but Jorge Almirón demanded his return: it was one of the revelations of the silence of the last tournament. They call him Cumbia, because of his fanaticism. He debuted in the First Division on December 13, 2020, in Lanús’s 2-1 victory against Aldosivi in ​​Mar del Plata. He was part of various youth teams. “Aimar and Placente taught me many secrets,” he said.

He was born in Guaymallen, play 10 (and with 10), he is left-handed, skilful, mischievous. You can play on the wings. “Diego Flores asks me for a lot of intensity, both to defend and to attack. He demands that I go to the front, as I am young, he asks me for speed and precision. He thinks I can be a wing, but it’s hard for me to play the lane”.

Admire Leo Messi. And he has a wonderful story. In 2016, Argentina beat Uruguay 1-0 for the Qualifiers at the Malvinas Argentinas, in Mendoza. The goal, from Rosario. That night, Burgoa was on the court, on the other side of the counter.

“I was a ball catcher because they chose some guys from the club’s Lower Leagues and most were from our category. They took our cell phones from all of us and we had no chance to take a photo. But I was able to touch Messi and I was with him…”, he assured, some time ago, excited.

He was born in Nelson, Santa Fe, he is a combative midfielder, but stands out for his good handling and first pass. He was summoned by Diego Placente to a youth team, an experience that gave him a leap in quality. “I was a left midfielder and then I became a central midfielder; I liked the position. I like playing more than taking away, above all, going on the attack”.

Of few words and strong personality, he usually falls into the trap of excesses, due to his excessive physical rigor. It feels comfortable as “double five”. You must work more on the order, delivery is left over. Juani started his adventure in soccer at the Boca and Libertad clubs in his hometown; He went through Corinthians de Santa Fe and after several tests, he joined Unión. “I try to work, but always with a low profile.” He has been at the Tatengue for seven years: everyone knows him as a child.

They call him Toto. He plays hitch or number 5, he is left-handed, with good handling and passing. He started at Club Atlético Calzada, went through Banfield until he was 14 years old. In Independiente, he found his place with Lucas Pusineri, first in the inferiors, then in first. The dream was short lived. Now, he has a new opportunity in the giant that gives space to the youngest.

Tomás Pozzo, a promise of Independiente
Tomás Pozzo, a promise of IndependienteInstagram @totopozzo35

This is how he defines himself: “As the second central midfielder I have the court in front of me and I think it’s the best. I am working hard on the brand, one of the things to improve”. He played like 10, but the new times pushed him aside. His idol is Maradona and he admires Hazard, the crack of low averages in Real Madrid. He leans towards Reggaeton, he always has a gambeta and a smile at hand.

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