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The new resort in Kuzbass will be able to receive up to eight million tourists a year. It will be all-season. There are other interesting projects as well. There will be not only procedures to heal and improve health here, but also the taiga.

This was discussed at the “round table”, which took place in the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. It was attended by the heads of the branches of the Russian Geographical Society in the regions of the Siberian Federal District.

The tourism potential of Kuzbass will help to uncover new projects related to the development of the Mezhdurechensk tourism and recreation cluster, believes Konstantin Yumatov, a member of the Russian Geographical Society, chairman of the cluster council and head of the Siberian School of Tourism and Hospitality at Kemerovo State University.

The Kuzbass cluster in 2019 became one of the winners of the competition of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives as a territory for promising development. The largest project of “Mezhdurechensk” is the ecological resort Black Salan.

According to Konstantin Yumatov, the development plan of the resort, developed in 1998, assumed the possibility of serving up to eight million tourists annually. At the same time, the resort will be all-season – in particular, due to water tourism on small mountain rivers.

Near Mount Yugus, not only ski slopes and jumps are expected, but also terrenkur (“terrain” – territory, “kur” – treatment). “So that people who came to the taiga regions for the first time could see what the taiga is not far from the city,” explains Yumatov.

The Celestial Zubya location has been used for a long time, but mostly by unorganized tourists – only one tour operator works in this direction and there are very few accommodation facilities. Meanwhile, it is very attractive, as it gives an opportunity to get in touch with untouched nature.

The fourth project – Siberian Megaliths – is still difficult to implement due to the undeveloped road infrastructure. The construction of a highway leading from Khakassia through Gornaya Shoria to Altai will help here. “If it appears, the megaliths will be within reach for tourists,” Yumatov stressed.

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