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WhatsApp enabled the tool a long time ago so that users can create group chats, those conversations that are made up of at least three people, up to a maximum of 256 participants; However, remember that when you first installed this messaging service, you voluntarily accepted all its terms and conditions, which means that if you do not respect these rules, your account could be suspended forever. One of their policies is related to the names or titles of group chats, some are prohibited. Do you want to know what they are? here we will detail it.

WhatsApp cannot investigate your conversations, since the app has end-to-end encryption, a security and privacy mechanism that serves so that only you and the people with whom you chat are the only ones capable of seeing the content of a certain conversation; however, the green application has the possibility of blocking your account temporarily or forever, in case it detects if one of your group chats has a prohibited name as its title.

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You should never title a group with the word “pedophilia”, because this violates the rules of the aforementioned application, likewise, it would indicate that you could be sharing inappropriate content, because WhatsApp You will have no alternative but to block your account and that of the members temporarily or permanently.

What’s more, WhatsApp It will not only block your account if you use this name, but it will also completely delete all your conversations and their information such as: photos, videos, messages, documents, etc., in simple words your number will be unregistered. It is recommended to immediately leave a group that has the title “pedophilia”, so you will not run with the same fate as the members.

WhatsApp problems

Do you have a problem with WhatsApp? Do you need to report it? If you have any kind of problem, then you should write to their contact email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Now, if you need to make a general query, you can fill out the form using this link. There you simply have to put your phone number, in addition to the code of your region, and then write your message after identifying yourself.

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