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One piece of news made soap operas happy: TV Globo will rerun the success of O Cravo e A Rosa, starting on December 6, 2021. which will have changes and will no longer have Malhação in the station’s afternoon schedule. Check the schedule for O Cravo ea Rosa on Globo.

The Carnation and the Rose timetable

The soap opera O Cravo ea Rosa will be shown at 15:00, which is currently occupied by the Session of the Afternoon. In a statement, TV Globo announced that O Cravo ea Rosa will be aired from Monday to Friday after Jornal Hoje and that this new time slot for soap operas will only show serials that aired at 18:00 or 19:00.

After the schedule of O Cravo ea Rosa on Globo’s program, the Session of the Afternoon will be shown, probably between 16h/16:30h, when Vale a Pena Ver de Novo currently takes place. After the day’s movie, audiences will watch The Clone at It’s Worth Seeing Again. Because of this change in programming, the special will now only rerun soap operas from the 9pm range.

The other serials currently shown, Nos Tempos do Imperador at 6:00 pm, Quem Mais Vida Melhor at 7:00 pm and Um Lugar ao Sol at 9:00 pm should remain unchanged, TV Globo did not comment on changes beyond the end of Malhação after 26 years on the air.

Soap opera returns to air in December – Photo: Globo/Divulgação

Synopsis of O Cravo ea Rosa

Written by Walcyr Carrasco and Mário Teixeira, the novel is a romantic comedy inspired by The Tamed Shrew, a classic by William Shakespeare. In the plot, set in the 1920s, Petruchio (Moscovis), a guy from the countryside, and Catarina (Esteves), the ingenious daughter of a banker, live a relationship of love and hate.

The union of the couple is uncomfortable for both at first, but after a while, real feelings start to awake, but neither of them wants to lend a hand.

how to watch

To follow O Cravo ea Rosa from Monday to Friday on Globo’s new soap opera schedule, just tune in to the channel on your television or use Globoplay’s ‘now on TV’ tab. This option is free, however, it requires the user to have a login on the site.

For the anxious ones who don’t even want to wait for December 6th to see O Cravo ea Rosa, the chapters of the serial are available on Globoplay. However, in this case, you must be a subscriber to access the content.

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