Know when the hottest season of the year arrives and how you should take care of yourself at this time.

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Summer has not yet arrived in Chile, but the heat is already beginning to feel. These last days the temperatures have reached 32 ° in Santiago, forcing people to dress looser clothes, turn on the fans and pay more concern to sun protection.

Summer is characterized by being the season where the intensity of the heat is mostly felt and from the sun, which inevitably generates greater droughts.

Check below when summer begins in Chile and how to prepare for the hottest days.

When does summer start?

In Chile, summer begins only days before Christmas, specifically the December 21. This season lasts for four months and ends on March 20, to make way for autumn.

How to take care of yourself in the summer?

For some, summer is their favorite season, because it could mean the arrival of the holidays or simply because they enjoy the high temperatures. On the other hand, some people consider it to be the most unpleasant season and cannot wait for it to end.

Putting the dispute aside, It must be very clear that it is necessary to take some care during the summer.

Some of the expert recommendations are:

– Increase your fluid intake to avoid dehydration

– Do not expose yourself to the sun in excess

– Wear light and loose clothing. If possible, wear a hat and sunglasses.

– Stay in ventilated or conditioned spaces

– Use sun protection

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