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The classic character will be in the new fighting video game of the saga which will be released in 2022

Angel made his KOF debut in the 2001 game
© GoogleAngel made his KOF debut in the 2001 game

The King of Fighters XV is still preparing its premiere and now they have confirmed one of the classic characters of the saga, this time it is about Angel, a character that joins more than 30 characters confirmed to appear in this new King of Fighters title which will premiere in 2022, and that in recent days made news for the open beta that it had available for the PlayStation platforms.

The character of Angel debuted in the game King of Fighters 2001, and is characterized by having a fighting style similar to Muay ThaiIn addition, its animations in the game are inspired by the legend of wrestling Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock” en WWE. Angel has appeared in other games in the series such as King of Fighters 2002 and The King of Fighters XIV.

When is The King of Fighters XV released?

The game will be officially released on February 17, 2022, and will be available for the platforms of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Steam). The title is held by the Japanese company SNK, which has been involved in all the games in the series.

Here is the list of characters that are confirmed in the game so far:

– Angel

– Dolores

– Heidern

– Whip

– K´

– Ash Crimson

– Ash Kukri

– King of Dinosaurs

– Antonov

– Ramon

– Athena Asamiya

– Blue Mary

– Luong

– Vanessa

– Clark Still

– Ralf Jones

–Ryo Sakazaki

– Leona Heidern

– Shun’ei

–Iori Yagami

–Benimaru Nikaido

– Meitenkun

– Robert Garcia

– Chris Shermie

– King

–Mai Shiranui

–Yashiro Nanakase

– Terry Bogard

–Yuri Sakazaki

– Andy Bogard

–Chizuru Kagura

–Kyo Kusanagi

–Joe Higashi

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