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On November 27, starting at 6:00 p.m., one hundred breweries from fifteen different neighborhoods of the city will offer all their styles available from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. The event takes place simultaneously in the chosen breweries, grouped by zone, invited to walk on foot, tasting different styles of beer and surprising those present with original artistic proposals programmed for each place. Pints ​​are purchased at a promotional price ($ 185) through Passline, obtaining a QR code that is presented at each bar.

What does each bar propose?

Each local will offer their best beers to be part of this tour that will also feature an artistic staging that ranges from photo shows, theater, live shows, karaoke, tarot cards, freestyle competitions, DJs, arcades to fairs and plus. A 360 event that invites you to enjoy with all your senses.

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Through the event website you can see the maps of each neighborhood that invite you to take the corresponding tours marking where each brewery is located. The neighborhoods participating in the event are: Belgrano, Caballito, Centro, Colegiales, Devoto, Núñez, Palermo (Hollywood, Norte, Soho and Viejo), Parque Patricios, Recoleta, San Telmo, Villa Crespo and Villa Urquiza.

Who are the participating breweries?

The participating breweries are:

  • Belgrano: Burton on trent, Buller, Braft, Growlers, Hormiga Negra, Piba
  • Center: Celta bar, Covo, Growlers, La Birreria Paseo la Plaza, La Birreria Puerto Madero, Pentos, Peñon del Águila, Piba
  • Caballito: Antares, Baum, Brauhaus, Bronx, Club de la Birra, Growlers, Black Ant, Taffer
  • Colegiales : Arredondo, Blackbird, Who, The old uncle beer
  • Núñez: Stammtisch, Maldita Birra, Vicente Cadillach, Holzen hops, Houdini
  • Devotee: La Birreria vdp, Lagerhaus, Pentos devoto, Quevedo, Odin club Tavern, Temple Craft, Warsaw
  • Palermo Hollywood: Bondi Stop, Burger Couple la Chupeteria, Growlers, La Birreria, Peñon del Águila, The Hum
  • Palermo North: La Birreria, La Estrella Federal, Piba, Yolo
  • Palermo Soho: Chela Craft, Flynns Arcade, Growlers, Piba Soho, Rabia, Santaella, Terrenal, Wolfa
  • Palermo Viejo: Aroha, Baum, Bronson, El Octavo, La Birreria, Piba, Charlie Hops
  • Recoleta: Antares Parador Houssay, Birra y Barra, Ceres 252, Club de la Birra, Cobarde, Figueroa, Growlers
  • San Telmo: El Federal, Berlina Bunker, La Birreria, La Poesia, The Capital Beer, Valhalla, Cic bar, Temple Trastienda
  • Patricios Park: Buda Green, Patricios Station, Nishan Park, Kintaz
  • Villa Crespo: Buller, Che Bonche 698, Che Bonche 701, Hops, Ipa, La Birrería, Los Caminantes, Mecánico, Saibhir.
  • Villa Urquiza: Bluedog, Butan, Clandestino, The Flying Dutchman, Black Ant, The Birra Lab, Berim, Brava Bar

Who are the organizers?

The general production and format of the event are in charge of Emiliano Cortés and Pablo Mileo, creators of Veggiemania, Burgermania and Birra World Cup that have been setting trends in the gastronomic world.

This activity has the institutional support of BA Gastronomic Capital a government program that seeks to position the City of Buenos Aires as the gastronomic capital of Latin America. Through 4 fundamental axes of food (knowing, buying, cooking and eating), it aims to promote the gastronomic development of Buenos Aires through the generation of employment and tourism. The program also accompanies La Noche de las Birrerías Let’s enjoy BA that disseminates all the activities of cultural interest in the city.

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