When will the packaging and foaming process arrive?

As a process for the elaboration of any drink or food, the beginning with the search for each ingredient becomes obvious, a process to which the Milwaukee Brewers as an organization they have served to the letter… or perhaps not so much.

The process for making beer goes from Malt, Water, Hops, Yeast, Grits and Sugar, then starting each process until obtaining that sparkling drink that is served cold.

This first step in the Milwaukee Brewers’ journey began in 2019, with David Stearns becoming the organization’s President of Operations, who had previously assumed the position of General Manager since 2015 for sparkling wines.

Since his arrival at the Brewers, David has established a very defining system for his actions on the team, who has implemented the philosophy that goes from developing and retaining talent at all levels of the organization in search of establishing an impact on the team. Major League Baseball.

Continuing with the beer … After having all the ingredients, the must is obtained, a process where each of the ingredients is mixed in machinery, which is also divided between the filtration and cooking of the must.

This process goes hand in hand with the medium progress of the organization’s Minor League farms, as well as the increase in the evolution of players within the Major League team. The advancement of the Brewers’ farms has not had a great evolution, although it has been moderately remarkable for the franchise.

The sparkling wines began in 2020 when their Minor League system had been ranked as thirty out of thirty MLB organizations, moving halfway through the season of that same year to twenty-eight, which they would maintain until the beginning of this 2021, who at the Half a half of the current year they were able to navigate to 25th place, according to the MLB Pipeline Farm System Ranking.

At the same time, there has been a great increase in the development of its main figures in the big team, as has been evidenced in Freddy Peralta, Corbin Burnes, Brandon Woodruff, at the same time as Devin Williams and / or Luis Urías.

The process until obtaining the beer later goes through the fermentation and yeast injection processes, where from here the successes of the drink begin to be noticed before its packaging and bottling process to be released on the market.

This process with the Milwaukee Brewers in the MLB has been going on since 2018, years where they have consistently achieved positions in the postseason, being the organization’s longest playoff qualifying streak in its history as a baseball franchise.

In addition to a process that has required a large investment, such as maintaining a payroll with a budget of over US $ 100 million in a continuous manner since its streak in the playoffs that has been active since 2018.

The last process for beer is canning and bottling, this is where the Milwaukee Brewers have failed in their attempt to rise to greatness.

For this 2021 the team returns to say goodbye to the playoffs, leaving great expectations around them, after being defeated three victories against one of the Atlanta Braves in the Division Series of the National League in the Major Leagues.

The team had a 95-67 record in the regular season, although very missing pieces such as the role of the team’s offense.

His starting pitching was second in Efficacy (3.13) and average Hits and Tickets Per Innings Thrown (WHIP) at 1.09 in the regular season, while also second in the opponent’s batting average (.210); his relief was fourteenth in Effectiveness (4.02), thirteenth in WHIP (1.30) and sixth in OAVG (.223).

Despite this, his offense was a disaster, ranking twenty-seven in Batting Average (.233), eighteenth in Isolated Power rate (.163), twenty-five in Batting Average of Balls in Play (.283), seventh in Base Running (8.5), a statistic that conglomerates all the phenomena of a player on the bases, where zero is the average mark.

In this first point, the weaknesses at bat of the team are observed, who if they had a great rate of power and good performance on the bases, batting within the field, that timely batting was not on their side.

In addition to those who ranked nineteenth in Embasarce Weighted Average (wOBA) with .310, being the team with the eighth highest strikeout rate in the league (K%) with 24.0%, while fifth in walks (BB%) with 9.6%.

The creation of annotations was not a go-ahead for them either, being the twelfth team with the most runs scored (738), while twenty-three in their Weight Runs Created Plus rate (wRc +) with just 91 points.

Like his pitching, his defense was the second great delicacy for those who were sixth in the leadership of Defensive Runs Saved with 57 (DRS), while third in Defensive Rating Classification (UZR) with 31.1, statistics that quantify from errors , reach, arm and the ability to double play.

For the Milwaukee Brewers, 2021 already ended last Tuesday, who now will have to embark on their journey with a suitcase of dreams for what will be 2022, where we hope and with the opening of the free agent market and transfers, expectations can be met with the culmination of the packaging and bottling process.

Let’s finally wait for the great toast with beer and sooooo foam!

C.M – @CarlosMoreta01 (Twitter)

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