Where to play paddle tennis in Chile?  Know where you can play in Santiago.  Where are there paddle tennis courts?

The sport that has caused a sensation in the last 10 years is paddle tennis. Although its exponential growth was in the midst of a pandemic, where hundreds of Chileans got up early to go play as a couple.

Let us remember that during the quarantines – caused by COVID-19 – we found ourselves with limited hours to exercise, that is why we had to get up at 05:00 hours to practice some sport.

The Paddle is played from three fundamental elements: 1 ball, paddle or racket and the playing field. The latter is the main one, since the game consists of bouncing the ball in the opponent’s court and bouncing the ball off the walls.

Transforming into a sport of technique and precision which is normally played in pairs, that is, with four people, but there are also individual paddle tennis courts.

Below we will tell you where you can play this entertaining sport in Santiago.

Where to play paddle tennis in Santiago?

1. Padel Club Chile. Av Padre Hurtado Sur 2650, Las Condes.

2. Padel Balthus. Monsignor Escrivá de Balaguer 5970, Vitacura.

3. Padel Alto Padel. Av las Condes 11755, Las Condes.

4. Padel Sanctuary of the valley. Av. Boulevard Jardín de los Pájaros Norte # 4666.

5. Padel Pasco Club. Aguilucho 3308, Providencia.

6. Padel Club Palestino. Av. Kennedy 9351, Las Condes.

7. Padel Cerro Colorado. Cerro Colorado 4661, Las Condes.

8. Padel Country Club. Las Arañas 1901, La Reina (Exclusive for members).

9. Padel Chile Tennis Club. Condominium Las Perdices 1911 plot 11

10. Padel Italian Stadium. Av apoquindo 6589, Las Condes.

11. Padel Santa Martina. Camino Santa Martina s / n (Private Club).

12. Padel Colegio Cumbres. Camino Las Flores 12870 (only students)

13. Chicureo shelter paddle. Of. Chicureo 2300, Chicureo.

14. Padel La Florida. Enrique Olivares 957, Florida.

15. Padel Lo Cañas. Monsignor Escrivá de Balaguer 5000. Vitacura.

16. Padel Encina. Valenzuela Puelma 8601, La Reina.

17. Padel club of Polo San Cristobal. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer 5501, Vitacura.

18. Padel Tennis El Alba. Camino el alba 9231, Las Condes.

19. Padel Club connects. El Rodeo 12699, Lo Barnechea.

20. Paddle Tennis Pitch. Rosa Ester, La Pintana.

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