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In Amor com Amor se Paga, Bia Nunnes plays Elisa, daughter of protagonist Nonô Correia (Ary Fontoura). The young woman plays an important role in the story, when she falls in love with a young man who is only interested in his father’s money. The actress interpreting the character is missing from the small screen and has not appeared in soap operas for eight years.

Elisa de Amor com Amor Pays Today

Bia Nunnes took the role of Elisa in the plot shown in 1984. In the soap opera, the character is a shy girl, insecure and without personality. She and her brother are very close – it’s Tomaz (Edson Celulari) who protects her from the teasing of her father, Nonô.

Unlike her brother, Elisa is terrified of the patriarch and does everything not to confront him. Throughout the novel, she falls in love with Gustavo, played by actor Caique Ferreira. But, she doesn’t realize that she actually just wants to take advantage of the miserly lord’s fortune.

Also keeping an eye on the young woman is Anselmo (Carlos Kroeber), who has a platonic passion for the young woman and promises her father a dowry in order to marry her.

Nonô Correia (Ary Fontoura) and Elisa (Bia Nunnes) in Amor com Amor se Paga – Photo: Arquivo/TV Globo

Where is Bia Nunnes?

The actress began her career in theater, starring in plays while still in her teens. After playing the shy Elisa in Amor com Amor se Paga, Bia Nunnes starred in dozens of works. The actress can be seen in old soap operas such as Salsa e Merengue (1996), Meu Bem Querer (1998), O Cravo ea Rosa (2000), which will be repeated by Globo in December, Coração de Estudante (2002) and Lua Me Said (2005).

Currently, the actress is away from the small screen. His last work was in 2014, in the series by Globo Sex and as Negas. Previously, he participated in the soap operas Malhação Casa Cheia (2013), Pé na Cova (2013) and Ti Ti Ti (2010).

Bia Nunnes is now 63 years old. She is married to director Fernando Berditchevsky, with whom she has been in a relationship since 1982.

Bia Nunnes – Photo: Reproduction

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