Which carpets are in demand now and replace a blogger trend

As far as purely aesthetic trends are concerned, natural looks in beige tones are currently being used. But also eye-catching geometric patterns on short pile and asymmetrical carpets in collage style are replacing the recently highly traded Beni Quarain Berber carpets in white with black line patterns in diamond shape.

The Berber was particularly popular with interior bloggers and has been a must-have in recent years. Less attention was paid to the fact that the quality was often poor due to the great demand and is often bleached here too, because the wool is not naturally so white. The copy, which can be seen in every blogger’s apartment, has certainly been a thing of the past for some time. The above trends are slowly but surely replacing the Beni Quarain.

House dust allergy sufferers are less likely to enjoy the carpet revival. But you don’t have to go along with every living trend.

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