While waiting for the covid tests, Charleroi is complete: "Van Cleemput and Knezevic are selectable"

This was the particular fear before receiving the Antwerp and it has not yet completely dissipated. While Sporting has carried out rapid tests for “to be as careful as possible in the management of the situation”, the Zebras will be really fixed this Saturday morning. “PCR testing is underway. The results will arrive relatively late tonight.”In the meantime, Edward Still could count on the return of Andreou and Ilaimaharitra, affected by the virus. “It gave them a breath. We gave them specific sessions to test their physical condition. They were very good. Maybe it’s even good that they got an extra week of rest.“For the rest, the efforts made throughout the internship in Turkey seem to have been beneficial.” I found my squad with a physical freshness and a good state of mind. The day of rest granted was important for all. “The other good news lies in the return of Andreou, victim of a pubalgia, and Van Cleemput, plagued by ankle problems since the beginning of November.

“They are 100% fit and selectable.” The Carolos will quickly find out where they stand in terms of their ambitions with this trip to Antwerp which has five units ahead of their opponent on Sunday. “It is one of the hardest trips of the season even if there will not be the public. The Anvers have a team where every position is doubled. It is rare in our championship. This match represents a great challenge for my group. ”And the best way to see if the goals need to be scaled back or not with the departure of Nicholson.

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