Who is Carlos Muñoz?  He wanted to humiliate a waiter in a conference and he was humiliated in networks

Mexico.- Carlos Munoz, a business coach that offers talks at a high cost, became a trend on social networks for a video that went viral in which he humiliates a young man waiter that he was working during one of his lectures by putting him as an example of someone who does not want to improve himself.

In a video circulating in Twitter you see Carlos Muñoz, who calls himself influence, who is speaking in front of the attendees of his talk, however, at one point he points to a waiter who is part of the catering service of the place and makes disparaging comments about the young man.

That wey who is standing there, who is working here today, and I really appreciate your work, he is there and he is not sitting here because he is not hungry because if he had saved the last three months he would have had today and sat down here. No, he is not hungry, he is comfortable where he is and I can return in 20 years and he may be in the same position, ”says Carlos Muñoz.

The video of the moment went viral and on Twitter users responded with criticism and memes to the businessman, who is not the first time that he has caused controversy for his comments.

“For your information, those hardworking citizens that you qualify as ‘those who are not hungry’ are exactly the people who have had the fewest opportunities and who make the most effort every day to get their families and country forward”, “Si Carlos Muñoz was a millionaire, he would not have to be selling courses on how to be a millionaire “,” This moment with the waiter confirmed that he is a seller of “gruel with the finger”, “He is a real idiot, the waiters are the ones who work the most, he does not have no idea of ​​the stupid things he says ”, were some of the reactions on the social network.

Who in his right mind and with reason is going to spend 50 thousand to 75 thousand pesos in course taught by a Merolico Scammer Sells Smoke “, reads a message on Twitter.

Others made fun of him, making him see that this young waiter was more intelligent, because he took his course without having to pay a peso. “He did not pay for your 60 thousand varus course and listened to your speech as a charlatan sells free smoke.”

Did you even give the waiter a scholarship?

The strange thing is that the video is a fact that occurred in 2020, but now it has gained strength in social networks and has gone viral due to the reactions of users to the attitude and words of the speaker.

According to information from El Universal, in another video that the so-called influencer published on his channel, he assures that he gave a scholarship to the waiter who gave him a hard time.

Some internet users point out that Carlos Muñoz’s courses are worth thousands of pesos but they are a fraud. Photo: Instagram

Who is Carlos Muñoz?

Carlos Muñoz is a 39-year-old businessman born in Queretaro, is also known as ‘Master Muñoz’; owns two companies, 4S Real Estate Foresight, which is promoted on Instagram as “Leaders in consulting for real estate projects in LATAM. With more than 15 years of experience”, and Institute 11, whose description states “We promoted one million entrepreneurs and leaders through education and technology. “

On his official Twitter account, he describes himself as a “sales hawk, entrepreneur, lecturer and global consultant. Author of 11 books.”

The business coach offers courses that are worth thousands of pesos, because according to a basic type it costs about 59 thousand pesos.

Muñoz has been harshly criticized for the high cost of his self-improvement conferences of the ‘be your own boss’ type, because they have also denounced on the internet that some of his courses are a fraud.

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