‘The chosen granddaughter’, a new bet by the RCN channel, has shown new faces in the world of acting, such as Francisca Estévez, whom her mother (who acted in ‘Pedro, el flamoso’) helped prepare a role , and Gregorio Urquijo, who plays ‘Lucas’.

Although the young man was not well known in Colombia, despite the fact that since he was little he did some roles, acting is in his blood, a profession he also performed in Mexico.

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Mauro Urquijo, father of Gregorio Urquijo, and more about the young man

Gregorio Urquijo is 15 years old and the son of actress Adriana López and actor Mauro Urquijo, who married a trans woman after suffering serious health problems while in a relationship with Haychelt Benito Revollo.

The young man was born in Colombia, but when his parents separated, he went to Mexico with his mother and younger brother, Lucas Urquijo, Mauro’s other son with López.

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There he lived without having much contact with his father, but very involved in his world: that of acting. He participated in productions such as ‘De brutas, nada’, a series where the Colombian Carolina Ramírez also acts, from ‘La reina del flow’, and in the film ‘Karem, la Possession’, soon to be released.

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In ‘The chosen granddaughter’ he personifies Lucas Alvarado, one of the protagonist’s cousins ​​who, unlike the others, is not very interested in the inheritance of his grandparents, as described by RCN.

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