Who is Mimicat, the interpreter who will represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest? | Music

Mimicat, or Marisa Mena, is the voice that will represent Portugal in Eurovision, in Liverpool, between 9 and 13 May. Your theme oh heartwhich he composed almost ten years ago, when he was releasing his first album, for youwon the 57th edition of the Festival da Canção.​

Marisa Isabel Lopes Mena was born 38 years ago in Coimbra. Since she was a little girl, she has been a performer and composer, with Mimicat (her alter ego) appearing in 2014, the year in which she edited her first album, with the theme tell me why as the first single.

She made her international debut with concerts in Brazil and her references are Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles or Jill Scott.

In 2017, Mimicat released the album Back in Town and two years later his first song in Portuguese, Until the endin honor of their parents’ 50 years of love, highlights the RTP.

After a break after the birth of her first child, Mimicat returned in 2021 with the single All to Air.

Last year, he presented the single world upside downwhich will be part of the third album of originals that Mimicat will release later this year.

The final of the Festival da Canção took place this Saturday at the RTP studios, in Lisbon, with the participation of 13 artists.

In his victory speech, Mimicat dedicated the triumph to “all underdogs who are there singing to have a chance, and they don’t get it”.

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