Who is Pedro de Noronha, the Portuguese man who is dating Carolina Herrera? | celebrities

She is the daughter of some of the most influential women in international fashion and inherited her mother’s name, Carolina Herrera. The 53-year-old Venezuelan businesswoman and creative director of the fragrances has been seen with a new partner at various social events in Spain. According to the magazine Holahe is Portuguese Pedro de Noronha, a 45-year-old investor.

In recent weeks, Carolina Adriana Herrera and Pedro de Noronha have been together at Arco, the contemporary art fair in Madrid, at the gallery of architect Norman Foster and Elena Ochoa, as well as at a dinner organized by gallery owner Hilario Galguera. The Spanish press would not take long to speculate about the identity of Herrera’s mysterious companion.

Born in Estoril, in 1977, he also studied Economics with distinction at the Catholic University of Portugal, in Lisbon, before emigrating to the United Kingdom, as can be read in the Linkedin page by Pedro de Noronha. In London, he started working as an analyst at Merrill Lynch investment bank. He quickly rose to associate status and would be hired by JP Morgan, a holding company.

Pedro de Noronha is 45 years old

The Portuguese would become vice-president of the British headquarters and stayed at the company for four years, before, in 2008, founding your own business —Noster Capital. It is a “management company with offices in London and Malta”, specializing in “exploring investment opportunities in market segments that most funds cannot”, describes the entrepreneur.

In addition to his outstanding professional career, Pedro de Noronha speaks five languages ​​— English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese — and is passionate about sport. In 1993, according to the biography published on the Noster Capital website, he was surfing world championrepresenting the national team.

In the private sphere, the manager has three children: two teenagers from a first marriage and a younger daughter, Siena Leila, aged 4,​ the result of the relationship with the Turkish-Danish model Tülin Sahinl, which will end in 2020. “Because life will not live by itself”, reads in his Instagram biography, next to the emoji of a surfer.

Carolina Herrera will be without a partner for less time. Her last known boyfriend was Argentine businessman Francisco Bosch, with whom she was seen in November 2021. Before that, the daughter of the Venezuelan breeder was married to Madrid bullfighter Miguel Báez for 13 years, between 2004 and 2017. three children: Olimpia, 18, Miguel, 16, and Atalanta, 14.

Herrera is responsible for the perfume division of the brand created by her mother, the creator Carolina Herrera. The perfumery has been part of the project since 1988 and is owned by the Spanish cosmetics group Puig. In 2018, the founder moved away from the eponymous brand, taking on the role of global ambassador for the American house. Creative leadership now rests with designer Wes Gordon.

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