Roberto Coria, General Secretary of the Guincheros Union, He was shot this Thursday at the door of his house in Lanús. The episode occurred the day before the port union elections.

Although it is not yet known who was responsible, the moment of the attack was recorded by the security cameras of the block. In it you can see how a hooded young man approaches the unionist’s home, who was preparing to leave with his son, and from there he shoots him.

Coria was wounded with a gunshot impact to the groin that also damaged his hip, was admitted to Hospital Evita and It is out of danger.

In an official statement, the union asked not to be held responsible or to be related to the electoral process. “It is Justice that must intervene. We trust that the truth will come to light, the facts elucidated and those responsible will be judged “they pointed out.

“Today at 7 o’clock, Coria was talking with her son at the door of her family home in Lanús when a hit man got out of a car, ran past and fired 4 shots. Then the person got on a motorcycle that was waiting for him and fled ”, they explained.

Roberto Coria, general secretary of Guincheros and leader of the CGT.

Roberto Coria, General Secretary of the Guincheros Union

The union member who was shot is general secretary of the Guincheros port union, which includes machinists and mobile cranes, and maintains a dispute for control of the guild with Daniel Amarante.

On Wednesday night, the member of the CGT had attended the celebration of 50 years of Dragado y Balizamiento, the guild of Juan Carlos Schmid, where he was also shown together with Pablo Moyano.

The attack occurred the day before the elections of the union where Coria appeared again. 2,719 members vote there.

“Guys, work well. The election must be won, thoroughly in Zárate and in Campana. I’m fine, “wrote the leader from the hospital on his social networks, who called for elections to be held despite the event.

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