Learn why Raquel Argandoña replaced Macarena Pizarro

The former Welcome panelist will be part of some chapters of the Chilevisión stellar program.

© CHVLearn why Raquel Argandoña replaced Macarena Pizarro

Who is the Mask, the Chilevisión program where various celebrities behind their costumes appear before a jury and the public, has had a great reception from the public.

In the eight chapters that have been issued, the jury has managed to identify some of the celebrities who have been behind the mask as Emilia Daiber, Américo and Mónica Aguirre, while in other cases they have not succeeded, such as the case of Cristián Pérez and Raquel Argandoña.

It is precisely the latter that has reappeared in the last chapter of Who is the Mask. Nevertheless, This time he does not do it as a character, but as part of the jury replacing Macarena Pizarro.

Why did Raquel Argandoña replace Maca Pizarro in Who’s the Mask?

According to what Chilevisión reported, The journalist had to be absent from some chapters of the program due to preparations for the Anatel presidential debate, which was held on November 15.

In this way, the former Welcome panelist Raquel Argandoña, joined the team made up of Cristián Riquelme, Cristián Sánchez and Millaray Viera, who is replacing María Elena Swett due to her coronavirus infection.

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