who is the masked singer's mirrored babe

Viewers of The Masked Singer Brasil are curious to know the identity of Gata Espalhada. The masked singer has been giving pop performances that pleased the judges and audience. With the tips displayed yesterday, the web has some hunches about who might be behind the mask. After all, who is The Masked Singer Brasil’s Gata Espelhada? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Who is The Masked Singer Brasil’s Gata Espelhada?

Gata Espelhada has already given some tips about her identity on the show. The character said that he is 1.58 tall and has had a relationship with music since he was a child. She said that she would wake up on the weekend with her mother singing and wear one of her amulets. In addition, she has already paid great tributes in her compositions – which leads the public to believe that she is an artist in the music business.

Other tips were: her favorite food is barbecue, her life was not easy, she studied a lot and is influenced by several extraordinary ‘cats’. The singer is also an independent artist.

Leila Moreno, Lexa, Patrícia Marx, Simony and Luiza Sonsa were the judges’ guesses. Internet audiences faithfully believe that Lexa is the mysterious singer.

The Masked Singer’s Mirrored Cat – Photo: Reproduction/Globe

Lexa is the Mirror Cat?

Strong evidence suggests that Lexa is the Scattered Cat. First by the height of the singer, who is 1.58m, as well as the tip given by the character.

Another tip that Lexa points out is that her life has not been easy. The singer told about the beginning of her career in her documentary on GloboPlay, which spoke a little about her humble childhood when she lived in the Araticum community, in Rio de Janeiro.

“Influenced by several extraordinary ‘cats’” can be a reference to other pop singers in Brazil. She is a friend of Anitta, an artist who opened the doors for pop to come back to the fore in Brazil. In addition, it was launched in the phonographic market through an investment by the businesswoman Kamila Fialho, former manager of Anitta.

who is the masked singer's mirrored babe
Singer Lexa could be the Mirrored Cat – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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