International media give as a fact the alleged relationship between the urban singer Anuel AA and the also urban exponent, the Dominican Yalin “the most viral”.

Although it is known by the group of dembow fans and social networks, it is now that it is becoming popular due to rumors. Who is she?

Known as “Yalin the most viral”, his real name is Jorgina Guillermo Díaz, and is a controversial exponent of urban music, known by some for songs like “Who robs me?” along with Haraca Kiko, and who accumulates more than half a million followers on Instagram. Quickly, the theme became a sensation on the Tik Tok social network, being used for dances by its users.

According to biographical data uploaded to the Internet, Yalin was born in Santo Domingo in 2001, who in addition to dedicating himself to singing urban music is an influencer who loves dance.

He claims to come from a family where there are several doctors, because of this he thought of studying medicine before becoming a singer.

She started in show business participating as a dancer in music videos for some artists in the country. In that medium he met people from the industry, until he decided to lean towards singing.

In 2019 he signed with the Akino Mundial Music label, beginning to record record material. Among its topics are “Booty”, “Rico”, “Something that falls in love” Y “Cottage”, each song has more than 100 thousand views on their YouTube channel.

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In January 2021, Yalin La Más Viral suffered a traffic accident that resulted in several injuries, for which she was admitted to a hospital in Santo Domingo.

By 2022, he announced that he will be visiting some Latin American countries: Honduras, Ecuador, Curaçao and Argentina.

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