Who looks better?  Lina Tejeiro and Epa Colombia dressed the same

On August 22, the actress Lina Tejeiro, published some photographs where she looks very pretty with a black pint, the curious thing for many of the netizens is that the businesswoman Epa Colombia, she opted for the same clothes during one of her days in Medellín; This fact went viral on social networks.

Coincidence or plagiarism is the dilemma of many fans of both celebrities who have not stopped commenting on the fact on social networks, however, many do agree that they both look very good.

The controversy originates from a one-sleeved crop top and black wide-boot pants that both wore and looked happy.

“You both look very good”, “no my love, Lina is Lina”, “normal. Each one shines for what it is »,« a jelly bean and a stew »,« divine »; were some of the hundreds of comments from followers.

Lina published a photo in August with the same outfit

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