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They sell by e-commerce in Chile and for the world. They went to specialize in schools in Europe, they live in Mexico; They are immersed in genderless design, they do not make clothes for men or women, but for people. These are the exponents of local design that are making people talk.

In Russia in 2020, at the Fashion Week sponsored by Mercedes Benz, it was the international debut of Guido Vera, the designer born in Punta Arenas and who that same year was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the 11 designers in the world who you have to be looking. In 2021 he returned to present himself virtually at the same event, and for April she is preparing her debut at Fashion Week, this time in person, in Vancouver, Canada.

From Mexico, where he is exploring to settle in addition to his base in Chile, the 29-year-old designer who specialized in fashion in London, explains that his brand born in 2018 is based on the concept of “simple designs for complex minds”.

“I work for people who know what they want, I use many strong colors, without gender and always connected with the colors and textures of Chilean Patagonia, which is where I lived for 17 years. Now I am very involved in sustainable fashion. In Chile I make garments with vinyl leather, which is a recycled PET plastic, and in Mexico I discovered cactus leather, which is very noble and is very popular here ”.

Today it is selling to any part of the world through DHL, although its collections are pre-order and it hopes to maintain exclusivity in each of its garments and not make massive collections.

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Londress has been Wendy Pozo’s brand for a decade. In her classic shop next to Cerro Santa Lucía, the designer specialized in men’s tailoring and dressed recognized faces of the Creole jet set. But with the social outbreak and the pandemic, his career took a turn.

It moved to a show room in Ñuñoa, with much more personalized attention and expanded its range of products: now it also has more urban collections and dresses women.

“The world turned around and I turned with it,” he says. In the case of urban clothing, which includes leather jackets, shirts, bodysuits and t-shirts, they are for men and women, while tailoring continues to be their forte, and in recent times many women have joined as clients of that line of design.

She is now working on the next collection, where she hopes to include many more fabrics brought from all over the world, while still dressing stars like Pedro Pascal, in a recent advertisement for a well-known Chilean wine brand.

In addition, it is also expanding its operation and selling abroad. Recently, he says, he sold garments destined for Hong Kong.

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Lupe Gajardo is another of the names that sounds the most in the local design environment. The designer who is now installed in Viña del Mar expanded her spectrum of products and no longer only makes custom haute couture garments, but it also has a ready-to-wear line, that is, more than a single garment available in its collections, although several of them are previous order.

Although it is still immersed in fashion editorials with daring genderless designs and was presented again this month at London Fashion Week, the Chilean shows in her virtual store with the possibility of buying from anywhere in the world, a wide collection of pants, ponchos and oversize sweaters.

Lupe also sells from Chile to large Asian and European clients and has been recognized in specialized magazines around the world for its lines at the time of designing.

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What Juan Cabezas is about is not the dresses, but the hats and headdresses. The 30-year-old designer has specialized in this market for four years and is one of the most recognized in the local environment, as mentioned on the fashion circuit.

With the brand Daltónico, Cabezas has turned the straw hat into a cult object and gives it its own daring styles. It also features theatrical and highly artistic editorials featuring hats and headdresses.

In particular on the headdresses, where it makes an intensive use of feathers in the form of a plume, with the reactivation of marriages it has seen its production increase. “More and more people are daring to step out of the mold and wear bold designs,” he explains.

Cabezas says that he himself is in charge of selecting the materials and manufacturing each piece one by one, so they are always unique and take about a month to be ready. Due to the size and delicacy of the product, sending it abroad is complex and although it has done so on a few occasions, its business niche is in Chile.

Daniela Nicolas, the Chilean representative in this year’s Miss Universe, wore four Daltonic headdresses, one of them a critically acclaimed crown of thorns.

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Denisse Baselli, the brain and soul behind the Neutro brand, is an architect and specialized in interior design, but fashion always haunted her. Until six years ago he took the step.

Today Neutro is sold in design boutiques, but also since August 2019 has points in the Paris of Alto Las Condes and Parque Arauco, in addition to the website of the Cencosud chain.

Its collections, which include coats, skirts, T-shirts and accessories, are characterized, Baselli says, by strong and distinctive color palettes. “They are made for brave women, who dare and it is an explosion of strong colors to show what runs through their veins,” he says. One of his latest collections was titled Sónica, and it has galactic patterns on different types of clothing. “The underlying message is that women are now going to conquer the galaxy.”

It is currently looking to expand its borders and is considering settling in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Miami. They have also contacted her from New York.

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The Leti Faviani thing is to dress women, but with attitude, clarifies the Venezuelan designer based in Chile, the same country that she has represented on two occasions in the fashion week in New York. The last one, on September 9, was a catwalk recorded at Viña Casas del Bosque.

“I wanted to celebrate my 7 years in Chile, showing not only my designs, but also a bit of its wonders, so I chose the majesty of the Casablanca Valley to tell this story with fashion and wine as protagonists, and thus give life to RESORT 2022, a collection where I propose that life is a journey ”, says the designer, who also launched a book where she talks about the connection between costumes and success.

In its latest collection you can see dresses and women’s tailoring suits with current and daring designs.

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In March 2019 Martín Luttecke (27 years old) made the leap and launched his clothing brand with a clear sense. “My intention is to seek a provocation in pursuit of inclusion. Something that remains to be made visible is clothing for people without a binary gender and that flows “, says, who has just launched his collection Ritmos Nocturnos.

“All the garments that we work with are a deconstruction of something traditional. For example, if it is a coat, I like to remove the structures, change the models, and above all apply new lines based on vintage garments ”.

Today he sells through e-commerce and in the La Plage store in the Providencia Drugstore, although his most immediate objectives are to increase his work team (today there are three people) and see options to sell abroad, virtually or having a point of sale in key cities.



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