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The former senator Tommy Galán he reacted excitedly and “With mixed feelings” after being favored this Thursday afternoon with an acquittal of all accusations of corruption that the Public Ministry imputes in the Odebrecht bribery case.

Galán, a member of the Political Committee of the opposition Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), wondered who will repair the damage suffered. He also complained about the length of the process, which he claims affected him, as well as his family.

“Who repairs the damage to me, to whom am I going to claim this when there are consequences that only time can correct?”

He spoke when approached by journalists at the conclusion of the hearing of the process that has lasted almost five years.

Galán also expressed that he is happy to see the conclusion of the case.

“I have mixed feelings. I’m not going to deny it to you. On the one hand, I am excited to return joy, peace, calm, tranquility to my children, my mother, my father, my brothers and even my friends as well. I said it in court, that this generates that joy in me, that it was my priority, ”he said with teary eyes.

On the other hand, the former legislator said he hoped that the sentence of the First Collegiate Court of the National District would not be appealed by the Public Ministry.

“The first thing that I hope the Public Ministry is reflective about what has been evidenced today and does not occur to appeal the decision, which is about five years old,” he said.

The accusation

The former congressman from San Cristóbal was accused by the MP of receiving bribes from Ángel Rondón, of illicit enrichment, of undervaluing his real estate values ​​and lying in his affidavit of assets. He was also charged with prevarication, bribery, bribery and money laundering as a result of bribery.

In addition, for allegedly influencing the members of the Finance committee (today the Treasury) so that they will expedite and favor the contracts for works of the Odebrecht company in the country.

Defendants and convictions

In addition to Tommy Galán, the case was charged with the former president of the Senate, Andrés Bautista; the lawyer Conrado Pittaluga Arzeno; the former director of Inapa, Juan Roberto Rodríguez. All were favored with an acquittal.

Víctor Díaz Rúa, former Minister of Public Works and former director of Inapa, and businessman Ángel Rondón were also charged. The two were sentenced, the first to five years in prison and the second to eight, in addition to paying a fine of 200 times the minimum wage and criminal costs.

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