The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, spreads throughout the world

Brazilian society is still shocked by the death of 18-year-old Valentina Boscardin, who died at dawn on Sunday 9 in a hospital in São Paulo after having contracted the coronavirus covid-19. Daughter of a famous host from that country, Marcia Boscardin, the young woman took her first steps as a model and dreamed of being an actress.

MIRA: Valentina Boscardin died: the 18-year-old Brazilian model had tested positive for the coronavirus

“Mourning. It is with great pain that I say goodbye to the love of my life. Goodbye, Valentina Boscardin Mendes, may God receive you with open arms. An angel goes up to heaven”, were the words of his mother to announce the death of Valentina.

The passing of Valentina surprised many because the young woman had both vaccines against coronavirus Y he had no previous illnesses that could complicate his health at the time of contracting the virus that in Brazil It has already caused more than 620 thousand deaths.

Valentina She was a model at the Ford Models Agency and was preparing for his international career in brand campaigns such as Givenchy, Christian Dior, Valentino, Armani and more. It is that the young woman wanted to follow in the footsteps of her mother, who before being a renowned driver from Brazil, modeled for those brands.

On her Instagram account, Valentina is seen posing in different parts of the world alone, with her family or with friends. “The simplest things in life,” he had written in one of his last post, where he appeared with a smile, dressed in a T-shirt, on the beach.

The comments of her friends They describe her as a positive, happy person, who loved sweets, being with family and acting. What she most longed for, according to her relatives, was to act, and that is how she is seen in different posts in which she recites texts on camera.

“Everything I see reminds me of you, I look at some sweets and I think ´Valentina loved sweets,” I watch a movie and I remember how good an actress you were, I was sure I would see you on a screen, acting in some gringo movie, because you really had talent, “wrote a friend of the young woman.

Other friends say that she was a very positive and warm person: “Every time I smile I remember that by your side the only alternative was to smile, because with you life was never sad, you taught me to enjoy life and stop taking some things so hard. Seriously, for a Capricorn like me it was a tremendous evolution. Everything I learned from you I will carry with my life. “

Meanwhile, her mother defined her as “Smart, dedicated, applied and determined”In a post she had made on November 22, when Valentina graduated from high school.



The new variant of the coronavirus, omicron, spreads throughout the world


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