Why After Life won't have season 4 on Netflix

“Obviously I should do a season 4 technically. That I should do it financially. And audiences would love that on top of that. Except …”

Ricky Gervais is not known to stay long in the series he created. whether with The Office Where Extras. And yet, the actor has passed the course with After Life, since season 3 is released today on Netflix. But it will be the last. No season 4 in sight. In any case not for the moment:

I know for a fact that I could do one again … “, responds amused Ricky Gervais to Deadline. “Actually, the reason I said this was definitely the end was to get harassed and laughed at the day I say I’m finally going to get back to it. that I know for a fact that I might want to. “

What if Ricky Gervais is the next James Bond?

With his scathing humor, the English star continues: “It’s obvious that I should technically do a season 4. That I should do it financially. And the public would love that on top of that. Everything is going in this direction. Except season 4 should be as good as the first three. Not to say better. Because what’s the use of doing something that’s just so good? I don’t want the show to go on forever. “

But why did you make a season 3 ofAfter Life so ? “In my opinion, this one is slightly bigger, it has more elegance, it has the beat of a drama more than a comedy, so you can explore more. The world is bigger. The office is located in a well-defined place. Derek is in one place, the world is bigger and people come and go. We’re almost in The Simpsons Springfield, where there are 80 characters who can have their own episodes … “

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