‘Why am I not happy?’

Rafa Kalimann opened her heart by bringing an overview of how her 2022 was. In an interview with Wowcast, on Youtube, the digital influencer scored details of both her professional and personal life. Although she achieved life goals and dreams, she was not “happy” to live all that.

“At the end of last year, I thought, ‘It was the most amazing year of my life.’ I felt professionally accomplished in many ways. I did things that were on my list of goals for life. The year ended, I was at home with my family, I took a breath, looked around and said: ‘why am I not happy?’. I’m not happy. Where is Rafa in all this? Where is my happiness that is genuine. I’m going very much against my purpose, the reason why I’m here… I’ve been cooling down and becoming distant from this Rafa”she said.

During the chat, the actress and ex-BBB 20 actress said she had experienced a real existential crisis and, as she defines it, “without control of her own narrative”. She even broke up with actor José Loreto in the midst of all the turmoil of thoughts.

“I turned the year and saw that the only thing that needs to stay is Rafa. I don’t have room for anything else. Even if I have a lot of love, even if I like and admire someone, I needed Rafa. I changed everything. I changed my entire team, with the exception of my brothers, who have been working with me forever. I hope they don’t resign. I changed issues with my family, the house where I live. I’m looking at another house. I changed my relationship, relationships with people, friends… I needed to look and understand who walks towards the same purpose as mine. I gave it a big shake. I thought I wasn’t going to go through the turmoil in my life”finished.

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