Canning fire

The oppressive temperatures do not let up in the City of Buenos Aires and, added to a day in which the thermometer exceeded 41 degrees, during the afternoon he was able to see the city of Buenos Aires covered with smoke and the sky with a slight orange color behind the clouds.

Why is there smoke in the City? The answer also has to do with the heat wave. Due to high temperatures and lack of rain, the fire that is centered in the town of Canning, in Ezeiza, and those in the Paraná Delta caused a large amount of smoke to travel through the air.

The smoke caused by these fire sources reached the City of Buenos Aires during the afternoon hours. In social networks, users warned about the orange sky and the stale air that covered a large part of the Buenos Aires territory.

Incendio en Canning (Twitter/)

The fire in Canning that caused the smoke

The fire in the Ezeiza party approached this Friday the limits of a private neighborhood in the Buenos Aires town of Canning and, despite being controlled, the weather conditions imply “a threat.”

“Canning’s fire so far is under control, but weather conditions, wind and high temperature do not help”, assured a source from the Fire Station.

Due to the “still imminent” risk, firefighters continue to carry out “ash guard” and controlling with mobiles and on-foot personnel “that there are no burning logs and other small igneous processes, fire principles that we are permanently putting out.”

Although for the moment “there are no registered victims”, neighbors assured that during the last days “There was a lot of smoke and smell” due to the fires that affected different towns in the Ezeiza district of Buenos Aires, in whose extinction numerous teams of firefighters from neighboring areas worked.

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