Why the Rolling Stones didn't attend Charlie Watts' funeral

Charlie Watts was laid to rest last week in Devon, UK. The modest and intimate ceremony brought together those close to him. But Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Roonie Wood, his Rolling Stones cronies for more than fifty years, were not present.

The three members were in Boston for rehearsals for their next American tour and were unable to return to England for a final farewell to Charlie Watts, due to health rules linked to the coronavirus. They do, however, plan to pay tribute to him during the concerts of the “No Filter” tour, which begins September 26, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Charlie Watts announced on August 5 that he would not take part in the tour, due to surgery. He will be replaced by a new drummer, Steve Jordan.

In any case, the funeral was “a perfect reflection” of who the drummer was, said former tour manager of the band, Sam Culter: He would have hated the commotion and agitation caused by public involvement. ”

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