Winter sports stars show up in evening wear - hardly recognizable

Otherwise you will know the athletes when they perform at their best in the snow and in the cold. The Italian winter sports association gave an elegant gala evening.

Milan – Athletes are currently completing strenuous training units every day as part of the preparations for the season. Winter is just around the corner and the time of the starts again Winter sports enthusiasts, from downhill skiers to biathletes to figure skaters. There is not much time left for other activities. For the Italian winter sports enthusiasts there was still a reason to dress up.

Italian winter sports: Wierer, Windisch and Co.

At a gala evening organized by the Italian Winter Sports Association, the athletes were unusually chic. Biathlete Dorothea Wierer posts a photo of herself in a golden glitter dress and another with her teammates on her Instagram channel, all in suits. Her followers were enthusiastic and commented: “Wow” and “Beautiful”. Around 600,000 people follow Italian on her Instagram channel. Here she repeatedly provides impressions from training and from her private life.

Gala evening in Milan: Presentation of the winter sports collection

The Italian Winter Sports Federation, FISI for short, presented the new competition suits for the athletes at the opening of the 2021/22 season. It stays with the usual light blue of the Italian team.

Italian athletes: honoring four athletes

Shortly before, there was a special honor for four of the Italian athletes: the Collari d’Oro del Coni for the 2019 and 2020 seasons is the highest sporting award in Italy. In addition to the biathletes Dorothea Wierer and Dominik Windisch, the two ski racers Federica Brignone and Dominik Paris received this award. This honored the special athletic achievements and successes of the four.

Winter sports enthusiasts are also honored in Germany. The Golden Ski is awarded every year from German Ski Association awarded. This year ski jumpers Karl Geiger and Katharina Althaus, among others, won a trophy.

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