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A unique exhibition “Viktor Tsoi. The path of a hero. “ This is the first large-scale exposition dedicated to the legend of Russian rock. Such Tsoi has not yet been seen, the curators say. The project is timed to coincide with the singer’s 60th birthday, which will be celebrated on June 21, 2022. A military ID, a passport and a silver fox fur coat – Tsoi’s personal belongings are displayed along with the main attraction of the exposition – drawings of the main musician of the late USSR. Izvestia went to look at rock artifacts.

Three guitars behind glass

For fans of Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group, Manezh threatens to turn into a place of pilgrimage. Many will return here more than once. On two thousand square meters, the curators managed to place more than 300 exhibits in several thematic halls. This space is opened by Tsoi the artist.

The ideological inspirer of the project, producer Agniya Sterligova, believes that Choi can not only unite generations, but also become an absolutely uncontested hero whom everyone loves.

We wanted to reflect the most diverse facets of his talent and milestones in his work. Tell a story about his life in cinema and his connection with art, about style, about Victor’s environment, – says Agniya Sterligova.

Photo: Izvestia / Zurab Javakhadze

The creative producer of the exhibition is the musician’s son Alexander Tsoi. He could not fly to Moscow, but via an online connection he shared how it all began. Two and a half years ago, the concept of the exhibition was proposed to him by the artist and designer Dmitry Mishenin. For thirty years without Tsoi, relatives rarely approved of projects about a musician. In this case, the son believed in the scale of the exhibition and the interest of fans in it.

– For me, the fact that we managed to collect things belonging to heirs and collectors in one place is cooler than “The Avengers,” Alexander Tsoi admits. – And when I saw three guitars of my father next to each other – Kramer, Alvarez and Washburn – in the same room, for me it was some kind of magical moment. They haven’t been together since 1990.

Musical prophecy

The exhibition space is unique in design and implementation. Walking through the exposition with an audio headset, you can hear rare interviews of the artist, songs performed by him, memories of friends and colleagues. See children’s photos, a military ID, a passport, personal belongings, jewelry, stage costumes and things from the musician’s wardrobe, scarce Led Zeppelin records, a razor with French cosmetics. There is also a silver fox fur coat bought by my wife for the first fee. The newlyweds did not have an apartment, but they did have fur.

But one of the most unique items in the exposition is the cassette that Viktor Tsoi listened to before his death. It was provided for the exposition by the musician’s biographer Vitaly Kalgin. At the exhibition, everyone can hear what sounded in the speakers of Tsoi’s car. “Precisely today and right now,” the New Composers group hums cheerfully. When you know what happened in a second from these words, it becomes uncomfortable. On August 15, 1990, at the 35th km of the Sloka-Talsa highway in Latvia at 12.28, a Moskvich-2141 driven by Viktor Tsoi collided with an Ikarus bus. The death of the musician came instantly.

Photo: Izvestia / Zurab Javakhadze

What came to hand

The purpose of the exhibition was to show Tsoi the artist. Hardly anyone could have imagined a rock musician like that. One of the halls of the “Manezh” is completely devoted to his graphics and painting. There are 76 works at the exhibition, 33 of them are exhibited for the first time… They were provided by the family – their son Alexander and Natalia Razlogova. The rest are from the collections of private collectors. For his work, Choi used not only paper and canvas, but even such unexpected material as oilcloth and packing foam rubber. As a challenge – the work entitled “I didn’t have time to paint”, which was provided by Rinad Akhmedchin. From the funds of “ROSIZO” there is a student’s pencil drawing, which was once presented to the institution by the musician’s son Alexander Tsoi.

“It’s worth going to this exhibition just for the sake of one room, which contains paintings by Viktor Tsoi,” curator Dmitry Mishenin assured Izvestia. – Here are collected originals, one hundred percent and authentic. because there are quite a few fakes on the market. Recently, Tsoi’s art has been growing in value.

The creators of the project call the hall with Tsoi’s paintings “an exhibition in an exhibition.”

– We know Viktor Tsoi as a musician, poet, philosopher, and for many it will come as a surprise that he was also an artist – and an interesting one. The most adequate representative of what is called contemporary art. His works are very different in style: posters, netsuke, classic drawing and even something reminiscent of comics, – says Olga Galaktionova, CEO of ROSIZO.

For the work of Viktor Tsoi, primitivism and expressionism are characteristic. The most common characters in his drawings are square men. And the plots are made in the style of graffiti.

Due to the fact that painting was not the main activity of Viktor Tsoi, he could use material that was not suitable at first glance for work. Do not forget that he lived during a time of shortages, and “there was a strain with paper in the country.”

As the producer of Viktor Tsoi’s foreign tours, Joel Bastener, told Izvestia, Tsoi did not consider himself a serious artist, and gave his paintings only to the closest people.

Money can not buy happiness

Once Viktor Tsoi asked Joanna Stingray to sell her works in the West, and with the proceeds to buy sneakers and watches. The producer and singer was a popularizer of Russian rock abroad and is still friends with musicians to this day. When she found out about the upcoming Tsoi exhibition in Moscow, she was the first to offer an exhibit for her. It was the Campbell soup can, designed by the legendary Andy Warhol.

Photo: Izvestia / Zurab Javakhadze

“I knew this artist and showed him Victor’s works,” Joanna Stingray told Izvestia. – It was very interesting for him to meet an artist from another world. And then I said to Andy: “If I buy a can of soup at the store, can you leave your autograph on it for Victor?” But Warhol didn’t expect me to bring him 20 cans and ask for autographs for several rock musicians.

The exhibition project was supported by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

He won among 12.5 thousand applications. As a result of the high appraisal of the expert council, the exhibition received 37.5 million rubles. This is about 40% of the funds invested in the organization, – said the general director of the fund Roman Karmanov.

Tickets for the Tsoi exhibition are not cheap. The organizers expect increased interest in Tsoi and assume that speculators will not stand aside, they will trade in tickets and places in the queue. It will be like in “Kino”.

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