Will Lucas Hernandez go to jail?

Spanish justice is angry. Lucas Hernandez is summoned to the Madrid Criminal Court to be served with an imprisonment order. In question, a case which dates back to four years ago. The Bayern Munich defender will then have ten days to enter the prison of his choice …

The winner of the League of Nations with the France team is in turmoil. Sentenced by the Spanish justice in 2019 to six months in prison for non-compliance with a removal measure towards his companion, the French was caught up by the case. Wednesday October 13, Madrid Criminal Court ordered Lucas Hernandez to go to court to be served with imprisonment.
According to the Spanish daily AS, the court would have sent a lbe subpoenaed for October 19 at 11am so that the Bayern player is imprisoned, the time of his appeal.

Facts of domestic violence

The facts date back to February 2017. Lucas Hernadez and his wife, Amelia de la Osa Lorente, are accused of “crime of domestic violence” for having exchanged blows and scratches in the middle of the street.
The couple receives a sentence of 21 days of general interest accompanied by a mutual expulsion order of six months. But the lovebirds ignore this ordinance and fly to Miami on their honeymoon in June of the same year, or less than four months after the decision. Lucas Hernandez was also arrested upon his return to Madrid airport for non-compliance with the judge’s order.
The 2018 world champion was then sentenced to one year in prison. Since then, the successive appeals have all been dismissed.

Lucas Hernandez expected on October 19 in Spanish court

Lucas Hernandez is expected by the Spanish courts on October 19. It is in prison that the defender of the blues will have to wait until the verdict on his appeal falls.

Currently in Germany where he plays for the Bayern Munich club, he will be required to be present in Madrid on October 19. under penalty of being considered a fugitive. The ball is now in the court of Spanish justice …

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