Willebroek organizes survey about smoking behavior (Willebroek)

Willebroek –

The municipality of Willebroek is launching a survey among its residents about their opinion on smoking and keeping the environment smoke-free. With this survey, the municipality hopes in the first instance to map out the findings of smokers and non-smokers.

Growing up smoke-free for children and young people is a theme that is being discussed more and more. “That is why we would like to gauge the opinion of our residents,” says Bavo Anciaux (Open Vld), alderman for the House of Care. “Themes covered in the survey include smoking behaviour, smoke-free zones and events, illegal dumping, and so on. We want to know how the inhabitants of Willebroek feel about this? What is and is not necessary?”

The purpose of the survey is to make it pleasant for everyone in Willebroek. The municipality naturally wants to limit the nuisance caused by smoking where possible, but on the other hand also provide a place for people who smoke. “On the basis of the results of the survey, we want to develop a structural smoking policy together with the experts from Logo. This could, for example, involve making sports sites or certain buildings completely or partially smoke-free. We also don’t want to point the finger at smokers, which is why we listen to their opinion.”

Filling in the survey takes five minutes and can be done both digitally and on paper. Residents who prefer to fill in a paper questionnaire can obtain one from the Welfare Desk.


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