William and Kate had to make up their minds in the midst of a relationship crisis

The British Prince William and Duchess Kate have been happily married for ten years and are now parents of three children – George, Charlotte and Louis. But it shouldn’t always have been as harmonious as it currently looks between the two of them. William and Kate are said to have faced challenges that weighed on their love during the first few years of their relationship. Finally The British newspaper reports that both should have consciously decided how to go on with them as a couple Daily Express. Accordingly, it was difficult for William to combine his military career with his family. He is also alleged to have been unsure whether he was ready to fully engage with Kate, which prompted the current Duchess of Cambridge to “rebuke” him – and to note that he should pay more attention to their relationship.

William began his training at the military academy Sandhurst in 2006 – about a year before he and Kate temporarily separated. And he had high expectations at Sandhurst. He had done brilliantly in the recruitment test. He scored seven out of ten and was described by officers as “athletic, clear-thinking, and intelligent”. The test result of his brother Harry, who was also in Sandhurst, looked a lot worse: Harry only got four points.

Bumpy first years of relationship

William was actually very committed to his military obligations. At the same time, it has become more and more difficult for him and Kate to spend time together. “William spent Monday to Friday in the barracks (…) and on the weekends he stayed with his new army friends”, quoted Daily Express the British nobility expert Katie Nicholl. This has led to problems. “He didn’t want to go back to London every weekend.”

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