William Sutner: 90-year-old "Captain Kirk" travels in space

Today is the big day for William Suttner, the actor who played Governor Kirk in the legendary Star Trek.

The 90-year-old Kirk is taking part in the second mission during the time of Jeff Bezos’s aeronautical company “Blue Origin” and, as CNN broadcasts, in a short time and out of shocking surprise, his dream will come true.

The “Blue Origin” “New Shepard” spacecraft is ready to be launched at 5 pm Greek time, transporting the four-member crew into space.

The code of the space mission is “NS18”. The flight is expected to last about 11 minutes while the four-member crew will feel the lack of gravity for four minutes, according to the American network “ABC”.

Because Governor Kirk wanted to travel in space

If today’s launch from West Texas is successful, then William Sutner will be the oldest … man to travel in space.
“I’ve been talking about space for a long time, I took the opportunity to see it for myself,” Sutner told a press release from Jeff Bezos’ company, Blue Origin.

According to “Blue Origin”, the Canadian actor is accompanied by one of the company’s vice presidents, Audrey Powers, Chris Bosweizen, former NASA engineer and co-founder of Planet Labs, an American company that photographs the Earth daily with the help of satellites and Glenn de Vries, co-founder of Medidata Solutions, a company specializing in clinical trial monitoring software for the pharmaceutical industry, acquired in 2019 by Dassault Systèmes.

A few minutes after launch, the capsule will separate from the rocket and continue its journey through space with the crew enjoying an epic view of the Earth before entering the atmosphere for a gentle parachute landing. The total experience will not exceed 15 minutes in total. The flight will be the second manned flight of “Blue Origin”. The first flight carried four passengers, including the founder of “Blue Origin”, Jeff Bezos.

Man in Space

The first was the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961.
The United States followed, sending Alan Shepard.

Since the launch of spaceflight, about 600 people have traveled into space as well as about 300 animals – including mice, dogs and monkeys, according to data from the Supercluster multimedia space website database.

It took 60 years for adventurous billionaires like Jeff Bezos to travel as “space tourists,” according to CNN.

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