Willian Bigode 'tears' praise for Fred and highlights the importance of merging the team: "It has a beautiful story"

Willian Mustache, reinforcement of Fluminense for the next season gave his first press conference on the night of this Friday (14), and showing confidence in the Tricolor das Laranjeiras team. The 35-year-old forward has a long stint with the team Palmeiras, at the time, arrived to be the most experienced of the cast. He stressed that he joined the team because he believes in the project.

Thank you for this great opportunity, for wearing a shirt with so many stories, from a winning club. Of course, it is very important when you have this recognition, this affection from the fans. This will surface even more, when on the field we are doing our best. I know that fans have this expectation, of having a special year, and that was one of the reasons I came here, believing in the project, in the group, in the work that the board is doing“.

When asked about conversations with the technician Abel Braga on field positioning, William responded positively: “We always talk, usually when we arrive at the club to have this dialogue with the coach. He knows my characteristics, he’s played a lot against me. I do have the position I like to play the most, and he knows he can count on me in other positions. The position I like is with more freedom up front. Not only Fred, who has a beautiful story here, we come to learn from him, add up, and, together with the boys, who have huge potential, help. This mix is ​​important, forming a competitive group. I believe this is how you will build a winning group. Happy to be part of such a qualified group“.

THE attacker also talked about the possibility of conquering the Liberators cup for the fourth time: “I believe that, wherever I went, I managed to find winning groups, with quality athletes, [elenco] competitive, united, where this respect and healthy dispute for space has always existed. When I arrived at Fluminense, before signing a contract, I already knew about the quality of the group, which is highly respected, with these boys who have added a lot. I come here with that conviction. We have everything to compete and win the titles. The other teams prepare to win, but Fluminense is building a competitive group. My desire to come here, and the ambition that the club has to win… In a week of work, we already see this thirst, this gleam in everyone’s eyes. let’s work very hard“.

The player also talked about the club’s hiring profile, agreeing with his own Willian Mustache, Felipe Melo e German Cano: “About age, we are used to it in Brazil, but I believe that no one who has this transfer of clubs, no one stays at the high level that we are for nothing. I don’t depend on other people’s motivation to believe in what I’m capable of. I know what I have to always be improving, that’s my goal. I arrive here at Fluminense with an interest and a desire from the club for some time, and very motivated, prepared to add to have a competitive, qualified group. This mix is ​​part. Everyone knows their responsibility. I’m sure we’ll be able to deliver good results“.

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