Microsoft is trying to solve annoying problems with the taskbar in Windows 11

The design team decided to correct at least some of the weaknesses of the new Eleven design in the form of leaky elements that were designed for previous Windows series. Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22533, which recently appeared on the Dev channel, exchanges graphics volume indicators, screen brightness and a few others.

On laptops or tablets, you can typically influence and influence these functions via hardware buttons. It wasn’t until Osmičky arranged for Windows to provide its own unified set, so that computer manufacturers no longer had to glue the absence of indicators with their own software.

These indicators from windows 8 even with their visual style, they lasted not only in the Tens, which never remade them, but also until the first release of Windows 11. The Eights first came out in the autumn of 2012, so the reworking of the indicators took Microsoft a whole decade. The indicators appear in the upper left corner of the screen in the center above the taskbar.

Visually, they correspond to the light or dark and slightly translucent environment of the Eleven. The volume and display brightness indicators then remain interactive. In addition, build 22533 provides minimal innovation. You can uninstall the Clock application, Pin voice access to the taskbar or Startup, and you should also see the new touch keyboard themes.

Resources: Windows Insider Blog

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