Review of Windows 11. Microsoft makes us drunk and limits usability

One of the most significant and also the most criticized innovations in Windows 11 is the context menu displayed when you right-click on the desktop or file. The redesigned look, grouped elements and better touch control are useful at first glance.

But all the extensions that appeared in them with the installed applications disappeared from the menu. Or, to be more precise, Microsoft has hidden them in the “Show more options” submenu, which requires an extra click. The good news is that even in the Eleven, the main offer will be messed up.

The first beta version has just been released WinRARu 6.10, where one of the added functions is better integration into Windows 11. By default, it inserts a submenu with four items into the context menu.

If you want to package a file or folder, there will be options for creating a simple rar without settings or with advanced archiving options. Plus both options, including inserting the archive as an e-mail attachment in the default application. In case of unpacking, you can open the archive in WinRAR, expand, expand to a folder or expand with advanced settings.

In the WinRAR settings (Options | Settings | Integrations) the context menu can be further modified and the Cascaded context menus can also be switched off. Then there will no longer be a submenu in the menu, but a single item for the default unpacking and packing of the file.

New Week Live with Windows 11 Review:

In the future, there will certainly be other application updates that will expand the context menu in Windows 11. It’s not a hack, after all, but standard API in a system. Microsoft only wants the offer not to be unnecessarily long and the items of individual applications to be grouped together.

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