Wine Day with an innovative touch


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A novel and disruptive proposal that puts wine in a place exclusively linked to enjoyment: Winehaus. In a large corner of Palermo –in Cabrera and Godoy Cruz– they offer selected wines “without labels”, pulled directly from the barrel and served by the glass. The idea is that oenophiles and beginners come to the bar, try different styles, discover new sensations and let themselves be carried away. It is a relaxed and fun experience, in the best bar style, which is complemented by a proposal of High-flying tapas with signature recipes created by the Nero Cocina team.

Winehaus opened in October 2021 and is inspired by concepts that are trending in the world today. On the one hand, the fact of “relaxing” the consumption of wine and bringing it closer to consumers in a more friendly way. On the other, the search for sustainability and caring for the environment by reducing the use of bottles, reducing waste by using raw material as much as possible, waste classification, recycling and more.

The aesthetics of the place reflects its spirit a lot with a sober but modern and elegant setting, with hints of street-art and industrial style.

The plan is to choose à la carte –without mention of brands or wineries, but with clear descriptions of each strain – or go to the taps to taste, which beer bar, and then receive the cup with a special label bearing the name of the chosen variety (a resource designed to remember the wines tasted, also valid to avoid confusion at the table). So far, Winehaus has 20 drawn wine spouts that rotate continuously. Most of them are great exponents of Salta, but guest labels from other regions of the country will also be added.

In the gastronomic menu they shine Author tapas that refer to street cuisine and comfort food in equal measure. Based on the best raw materials of the season available on the market, the proposal is periodically renewed.

Address: Cabrera 5300 (Godoy Cruz corner), Palermo, CABA

Spoiled, between fires and wines

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El new project by Marcelo Fabián Gil, creator of Bruce Grill Station & Wine Bar, is the benchmark bar-restaurant of the American model in the West Zone.

The mystique of the encounter generated by the fire and the wine is perceived from various angles of the premises: the fires in action grill, clay oven and plow disc are in full view and numerous bottles of wine host the entire staging, where they are protagonists as machines selfservice Newine, that dispense different cup sizes.

The Imposing design and the setting of the premises are allies when it comes to transmitting the concept of Malcriado. All was made to measure to achieve an extravagant but unstructured space. The elements used, such as wood and wrought iron, in turn reinforce the feeling of refuge and the result is a rustic atmosphere but with an eye on urban details.

With 32 peaks of wine at cava temperature, the menu stands out typical Argentine Creole recipes, with a special touch that the different cooking methods give it: both the grill with 100% red quebracho, as well as the clay oven and the plow disc provide a particular smokiness.

From the section To the fire stand out the Tom and Jerry Pork Chop 900 g, and an impressive Tomahawk Steak 1.6 kg, both to share. With section of To the disc excels the Stewed calf with seasonal vegetables or a Bondiola with a reduction of black beer and mashed sweet potatoes with toffee. In the section We are in the oven contain one of the stars of the card: the King’s Osobuco, with mashed potatoes and sautéed onion and a Braised Lamb served in a tower of potatoes.

The machines selfservice Newine keep the 32 options on the menu at cava temperature and serve three measures of glass: tasting, half a drink and a drink. Each client chooses the measure they want and the corresponding amount is debited from one personal magnetic card previously loaded with money. Notably in each recharge, they give an additional 10% on the total amount.

Address: Martín Fierro 3248, Parque Leloir.

Maria Luján

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From November 22 to 28, and on the occasion ofhe Argentine Wine Day, María Luján invites you to enjoy an exclusive wine dispenser with the most recognized wineries in the country and the traditional Mediterranean cuisine made with local ingredients.

Tigre’s classic restaurant, located on Paseo Victorica, offers the wine dispenser experience. During that week, those who come for lunch or dinner will be able to taste eight labels from the most important national wineries and their different varietals. Added to this proposal is the delicious gastronomy of María Luján. For the celebration to be complete, the chef suggests: Maria Luján risotto with saffron rice, mussels and prawns; smoked salmon ravioli with shrimp and girgolas sauce; chorizo ​​steak stuffed with bacon, cheese, onion, dried tomato, accompanied by potatoes and sweet potatoes sautéed with leek.

On the banks of the Luján River, to give rise to this new attraction that will allow tasting wines by the glass, half a glass and a tasting glass, with the right temperature to achieve the perfect pairing. Edgardo Vieira, managing partner of María Luján, said: “For many years we have reinforced the passion for wine, that is why in addition to our selection cellar, we incorporate the wine dispenser experience so that lovers of the national drink can taste the best national labels with the right temperature to achieve the perfect pairing ”. And I add: “With an exclusive wine dispenser with the most recognized wineries in the country, first-rate gastronomy and an imposing natural setting on the banks of the river, María Luján proposes to enter the wonderful world of wine and dive into the magical union between aromas and flavors.”

Address: Paseo Victorica 511, Tigre.

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