Almost 48 hours after the fiasco in which the internal election that was supposed to choose a toucan presidential candidate turned out, the PSDB has still not managed to set a date for the late closing of its caucuses. But the party’s situation is evolving rapidly. Sunday’s embarrassment boosted the division of the toucanato. Since then, the match which was considered a prototype of modernity, is undergoing a process of auto-combustion.

While it struggles to resolve the malfunction in the voting application, the PSDB lives with a fratricidal war that makes its operating system boil. Rio Grande do Sul Governor Eduardo Leite began to question the legitimacy of the preliminaries; contested an official note in which the party’s president, Bruno Araújo, stretched until Sunday the deadline for the conclusion of the dispute; and accused his main competitor, São Paulo governor João Doria, of buying votes. Doria endorsed Bruno Araújo’s note. And its operators treat Milk as a “sore loser.”

Arthur Virgílio, who takes part in the previews in the role of underdog, pulled one of the protagonists of the tucano fire from the shadows: Aécio Neves. He called the deputy from Minas Gerais, supporter of Eduardo Leite, a “rotten apple”. He accused him of plotting against the caucuses, to transform the PSDB into a “centrão-type party” in the service of Bolsonaro’s reelection. In response, Aécio called Virgilio “Doria’s orange”.

The audience had been watching the PSDB, waiting for the fact that it would justify the use of the exclamation point you hear when people say “it’s not possible!” All signs have already been given. The self-combustion started with the previews will be recorded in the plot of the tragicomedy of the so-called third way, a conglomeration with many heads and few brains, as a mark of the toucans’ downfall.

From now on, everything is an epilogue for the PSDB in the 2022 succession. The winner of the caucuses will take not a party, but a handful of ashes.

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