Wisconsin massacre: death toll from multiple hit-and-run in a Christmas parade rises to six |  It was confirmed by the prosecutor in the case

The death of a child this Tuesday raised to six the number of deaths due to the overwhelming of a Christmas parade, which occurred last Sunday in the state of Wisconsin, United States, when a man in a van ran over a crowd. The news was confirmed by the prosecutor in the case.

“Unfortunately I would like to inform the court that we have learned of the death of another child in this case“said the prosecutor Susan Opper in her statement before the Court. Darrell Brooks, 39, was charged with five counts of voluntary manslaughter and now faces a sixthOpper added, after confirming the death of one of the 18 children who was among the 62 injured caused by the tragedy.

Brooks appeared before a city court judge who officially informed him of the five charges against him, each of which carries a life sentence.


There are no words to describe the risks this defendant poses to the communityNot only the risk of flight but the danger of his violent past, “said Opper, who asked for a bond of five million dollars.

Brooks has a criminal record: he has been involved in a dozen cases since 2000 in three US states. Among the most recent is that in 2020 he was charged with endangering other people after shooting his nephew during an argument.

Even, days before Sunday’s tragedy in Waukesha, he had been released on bail of about $ 1,000 after being prosecuted for domestic violence, for trying to run over a woman who claimed to be the mother of his son, according to US media.

Regarding what happened in the Christmas parade, the motive is still unknown but the authorities ruled out that it was a terrorist attack. “There is no proof that this is a terrorist incident,” said Waukesha Police Department Chief Dan Thompson.

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