With 111 million fans in less than a month, ″Squid Game″ is the most popular series on Netflix

A macabre world where people marginalized by society and completely bankrupt are brought face to face in traditional children’s games. This is the story of “Squid Game”, the South Korean drama that is taking the world by storm, with 111 million views in less than four weeks.

It is the most popular release ever of the Netflix streaming platform. According to AFP, the success of “Squid Game” amplifies South Korea’s growing influence on global popular culture, following the examples of k-pop band BTS and the Oscar-winning movie “Parasites”. of “Best Film” in 2020.

The South Korean production is Netflix’s latest attempt to produce content in languages ​​other than English. “Squid Game” is available in dubbed as well as subtitled versions, in several languages, with the aim of further expanding its audience potential.

In February, the streaming platform announced that, this year alone, it would spend 500 million dollars (approximately 433 million euros) on series and films produced in South Korea.

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