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The state receives this Wednesday (15) over 17,550 vaccines from Pfizer, the last batch for the 1st dose

With 67.7% of the adult population already immunized, that is, with the vaccination cycle against covid complete, Mato Grosso do Sul still needs to vaccinate 133,000 people over 18 years of age to reach the 100% mark of adults vaccinated with the minus one dose. The numbers are from a survey made by Campo Grande News.

In all, the state currently has 2,081,761 people over the age of 18, and 1.4 million have already completed the vaccination cycle, either with two doses or with a single dose of Janssen. There are still 536.9 thousand adults (25.7% of the group) with only one dose applied and waiting for the interval to be fully immunized.

The unvaccinated between 18 years of age or older total 133,526 inhabitants in Mato Grosso do Sul, a number that represents 6.41% of adults in the state and which, according to the head of the SES (Secretary of State for Health), Geraldo Resende, can be reset coming soon.

“We can reach 100% of vaccinated adults in up to a month. We will wait until the end of the week to make a more elaborate survey and identify these numbers correctly, starting a campaign to actively search for those unvaccinated”, explains the secretary to report, about to embark for Naviraí.

Geraldo also commented that the state health ministry’s forecast is to reach by the end of this week the rate of 70% immunized among people aged 18 or over, the adult age group. However, despite the pretension, vaccination depends on the city halls, responsible for storing and administering the vaccines.

By the end of the day, Mato Grosso do Sul should receive another 17,550 doses from Pfizer, in a transfer made by the Ministry of Health which should be the last destined to the states with the purpose of meeting the application of the first doses. This batch also arrives in Brazil this Wednesday, at Guarulhos International Airport (SP).

Cross data – The survey carried out by the report crosses data obtained on the Mais Saúde platform and made available until approximately 10 am of this Wednesday, and there may be slight discrepancies in the numbers due to the continuation of the vaccination campaign against covid-19 in the 79 municipalities of the state.

Mais Saúde points out that Mato Grosso do Sul has already received and redistributed to the municipal health secretariats 3,543,540 doses of vaccine, of which 3,332,237 had already been applied at 1 pm this Wednesday.

Thus, there are still 211,303 doses in stock, according to the platform – which corroborates Geraldo’s constant demand, with the phrase “the place for the vaccine is in the arm, not in the refrigerator”. The platform also shows that of the 1.85 million doses intended to start immunization, all have already been used.

In addition, 20,900 destined for the second dose were also used in the application of the first. The Ministry of Health has already transferred 1.38 million vaccines to Mato Grosso do Sul to apply in second doses.

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