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The public audience to discuss the real estate project that the IRSA company on land of the former Sports City of Boca Juniors, in Costanera Sur, Costa Urbana, will have 14 sessions that will take place between this Friday and November 8.

As advanced from the Buenos Aires LegisltauraMore than 2,600 exhibitors registered among Buenos Aires officials, legislators, architects, community members and neighbors in general. If this number of registrants is confirmed, it would be the largest public hearing ever held. In this sense, and given the number of registered to support or reject the project in question, It will take place both in person and virtually.

As is known, the holding of the public hearing is a mandatory step that must be fulfilled before a law is approved that, in order to modify the public space, requires double reading in the legislature.

The first day will take place this Friday 15 from 14, when Álvaro García Resta will expose, Secretary of Urban Development of the Buenos Aires Government. Emilio Rivoira, President of the Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism (Cpau); and Agustina Señorans, Advisor to the Ministry of Public Space and Urban Hygiene of the City. The exhibition of community members of the Front of All, who are opposed to IRSA’s real estate project. They include María Paz Carrera Griot (Commune 14), Fernando moya (Commune 10), Luciana Grossi (Commune 1) and Julian Cappa (Commune 7).

While by Together for Change, the community members will also expose their fundamentals Cristian Mealla and Víctor Hugo Cáceres (Commune 4). Those who will also do so at the hearing include Pablo Bereciartúa, who was Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Policy of the Nation between 2018 and 2019, during the presidency of Mauricio Macri, and the architects Miguel Mc Cormack and Fernando Yosovitch.

They also signed up to speak Amanda Martin, Buenos Aires legislator of the Left Front; Diego Armando González, delegate of the popular neighborhood Rodrigo Bueno (boundary with the former Sports City); Marcela Millan, Head of the Public Ministry of Defense of the CABA, and Diego Zang, representative of the Construction Workers’ Union of the Argentine Republic (Uocra).

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All those mentioned are “exhibitors”, as the officials and specialists who intervene at the beginning are called in the public hearings of the Legislature; then it is the turn of the “speakers”, that is, the neighbors who signed up through the website.

Those who oppose to this new urbanization argue that it will directly affect the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve and the popular neighborhood Rodrigo Bueno. In addition, they assure that the new project will be located on one of the few wetlands that still remain in the City of Buenos Aires.

The site of the former Sports City of Boca has 71 hectares, It is the largest in the city that is in private hands and, according to current regulations, is enabled only for sports activities.

The first on the list of speakers will be Jonatan Baldiviezo, president of Observatory of the Right to the City, one of the main neighborhood organizations who oppose the IRSA project. Then they will expose Alejandrina Barry, former Buenos Aires legislator of the Left Front, and Maria Eva Koutsovitis, coordinator of the Chair of Community Engineering of the UBA ,.

According to the agenda with the list of all speakers, that son 2.593, it is estimated that they will speak between 100 and 200 people per day. Given the number of registered, this audience it will be one of the most numerous in the history of the Legislature. Although the record was set last summer, when some 7,000 residents registered to comment on the privatization of Costa Salguero, due to the high degree of absenteeism, only about 2,000 people spoke.

How is the project

Real estate development that drives the IRSA company for the former Sports City of Boca consists of a set of buildings, some of which are up to 145 meters high, commercial spaces, and internal streets. What’s more the construction of a coastal park of almost 50 hectares is planned which will be developed and by the Elsztain Group construction company. The firm will also take care of its maintenance.

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Are lands belonged to the Boca Juniors club between the decades of 1960 and 1990, when the club sold them to society Santa Maria del Plata, whose majority shareholding was later acquired by IRSA.


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