Fire near the community of Albuquerque, in Corumbá.  (Photo: Fire Department)
Fire near the community of Albuquerque, in Corumbá. (Photo: Fire Department)

Of the 407 fires registered in Mato Grosso do Sul, in the last 48 hours, 213 of them are concentrated in the Pantanal region of Corumbá. The municipality 419 kilometers from Campo Grande already leads the ranking of cities in the country with the highest number of fires in the first 14 days of September. The data are from Inpe (National Institute for Space Research), and portray the drama resulting from the dangerous combination of dry weather, little rain and human action in one of nature’s richest and most threatened biomes.

Also according to the institute data, compiled by the newspaper Diário Corumbaense, this Tuesday (14) the state accounts for 880 hotspots, with Corumbá accounting for more than half of the records, there were 444 fires in the territory of Corumbaense. In all, in 2021, Corumbá has 1,597 hot spots. In all of Mato Grosso do Sul, the outbreaks reach 5,371. On the local website, the commander of Operation Hafesto, lieutenant-coronal firefighter Leandro Moura Marzolla, informed that new fires are emerging in the Pantanal region and that the problem is far from over.

This Tuesday morning (14), fires were registered on the Barro Preto farm, but also on the Aguapé Farm and Santo Antônio farm, which is located 80 km east of Serra do Amolar. In addition, firefighters and Prevfogo teams are also concentrated on farms near BR-262, where the area is consumed by flames, with fire reaching the sides of the road, with a dense layer of smoke, which ends up hindering traffic in the area. , with risk of accidents.

At around 9 pm yesterday (13) a large forest fire was also threatening the community in the Albuquerque region, in Corumbá. Three teams were deployed to the region, with 13 soldiers and 3 vehicles. The fire was controlled throughout the night and no buildings in the community were affected by the flames.

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