With a message of acceptance, Bárbara de Regil shows the stretch marks on her buttocks

Mexico City.- Due to her personality, Bárbara de Regil is one of the most controversial celebrities in the middle of the show, since on several occasions she has been in the eye of the hurricane due to her controversial statements, which has I validate several derisions on social networks.

One of the most recent was due to the Green Party scandal in which several famous influencers broke the electoral ban to make propaganda in their favor just on election day. Without forgetting all the scandal of its nutritional supplements.

And it is precisely thanks to the fact that she promotes a healthy life and made herself an athletic image, she managed to position herself as an influencer of a healthy lifestyle in her social networks, where she also promotes acceptance and self-love.

Bárbara de Regil has shared her natural figure with her followers, to whom she shows a natural woman without any kind of filters or edits, and just to show that all women, even those who exercise a lot, also have stretch marks.

This is how he shared it on his official Instagram account, where he shared a couple of postcards where you can clearly see the stretch marks on his legs and buttocks, which he boasted with great pride.

Along with the photographs, Regil sends a powerful message of empowerment and acceptance of women, in which she confessed that she had uploaded an image where her stretch marks can be seen, however, she is now accepted and loved.

The series of postcards already have more than three hundred and fifty thousand “likes” and hundreds of positive comments from her fans, who thanked her for showing herself as a real person and showing that even she who does a lot of exercise also has stretch marks like any woman .

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