With a super Hezonia, he overthrew Bayern

Finally… home victory for Unix Kazan, which overturned the situation against them in the match against Bayern Munich and reached the first pink card in this year’s Euroleague (73-70).

Perasovic’s team found itself losing even with 16 points in 22 ‘, however they turned it around with Hezonia (15 points, 6 rebounds), Canaan (21 points with 5/9 three points), Lorenzo Brown (17 points, 5 assists) as leaders. ) and John Brown (8 rebounds).

The Bavarians (0-3) remain at absolute zero, dominating for 20 minutes, but collapsing after the break. Walden (16 points) and Hilliard (17 points, 7 rebounds) were saved.

The match

Both teams started the game quite nervously and made a series of misplaced attempts. After the initial chill, Bayern Munich stepped on the gas and with Walden running out of 6.75m, they ran 10-0 and escaped with +9 (7-16 in 8 ‘), while they closed the tenth minute with ” air “7 points (12-19).

The mistakes of the Unix players continued at the beginning of the 2nd period, as a result of which they were at -16 (19-35 in 26 ‘). The hosts improved their defense thanks to the short formation of Perasovic and with 7-0, they closed the difference, while the first half ended with the Bavarians at +11 (26-37).

Bayern started with 5-0 in the 3rd quarter and returned to +16 (26-42 in 22 ‘), however somewhere there was the reaction of the Russians, who increased their pace and with a series of 8-0, approached (34-42 in 26 ‘). Led by Lorenzo Brown, Canaan and Hezonia, Kazan reduced to -5 (45-50) in the season finale.

The hosts entered with… form and in the 4th ten minutes continuing from where they stopped in the 3rd: with Hezonias performing, they reversed the situation and went ahead after a long time (51-50). At the same time, Trinkieri’s players had short-circuited aggressively and made several mistakes.

Unix… party continued and with a series of 13-0, it shot up to +12 (67-55 in 36 ‘) laying the foundations for its victory. With 2 consecutive three-pointers, Bayern cut the difference in the middle (67-61 in 38 ‘), however, the Russians kept their composure in the last attacks and reached the pink card (73-70).

The quarters: 12-19, 26-37, 45-50, 73-70.

Source: sport-fm.gr

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