Cautiously and without too many expressions of support for the Government after Sunday’s electoral setback, the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) meets this afternoon to define the final details of the Confederal Central Committee, where the authorities will be renewed. The meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. at the headquarters of the Construction Workers’ Union (Uocra), on Avenida Belgrano at 1800.

The result of the elections also had an impact on the priests of the labor union who, in principle, will make their support for the Government explicit on October 18 when they march for Loyalty Day. In today’s meeting they will talk about “how does this blow come out”, advanced to PROFILE one of the participants.

“It is a vote of opposition to the government and not of the opposition“Said one of the strong men of the CGT. “It is important to take note of many claims that are based mainly on the pandemic and the economic situation, inflation.” Although the meeting was already scheduled before, the result of the election will be present when making decisions.

In today’s meeting they will talk about “how does this blow come out,” one of the participants told PROFILE.

In the CGT they hope that in the next few days they will be summoned again to the Economic and Social Council in the Casa Rosada. “There we are also going to take our look at what happened ”, they pointed out and remarked that“ what happened today is something more internal to the CGT ”.

Next week will be the Confederal Central Committee where the binomial of Héctor Daer (Health) and Carlos Acuña (Workers and Service Station Employees) will make themselves available to stop driving the CGT. This meeting is scheduled as the instance prior to the convocation of the national congress to elect a new leadership of the union central for the next four years.

Preparations for October 18

Another topic for today’s meeting will be “The return to the streets of the CGT”, as the most enthusiastic workers in the labor organization like to say. For next October 18 they convened to march in person in commemoration of the Loyalty Day. “We are going to tell the President that the labor movement continues to support him”, pointed out a union source.

The definition taken by the CGT will be important for Alberto Fernández in the midst of the internal pulls that the ruling coalition has suffered since it lost the elections last Sunday. “Yes of course, follow the support. The other thing would be to fight with those who don’t love us “, they explained from the leadership of the CGT.

The march is planned to be under the motto “Production, Work and Development” on Independencia avenue. There will also be an act on the closing, although some details need to be adjusted. “We believe that it will be a strong mobilization with a presence. The idea is to give the path to unity ”.

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